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In addition to the college's stated priority to hire students with expressed financial need, an incentive to hire Work Study students is the hourly-wage subsidy provided by Federal and State Work Study Programs.

The Value of Work Study

  • Support our students. Whitman students with Work Study offers have a specified financial contribution they must meet-ideally, by working on campus.  When you hire qualified Work Study students, you help students to meet their commitments and reduce their personal loan rate.
  • Save money and get more work done. Partial wage reimbursements of typically 20% of student wages up to allowed maximums. This means more work gets done at a lower cost.
  • Shape the workforce. Train and mentor college students, ensuring graduates have the experience employers need.

There are a few simple steps to filling a student position in your office.  Below is information about the resources available to help you.

Handshake is an online job-search network for students. On- and off-campus jobs are posted through the system, with customizable Search Agents that can send students email updates based on their selected search preferences.

Note: The purpose of Handshake is to centralize all job postings for easy access to all students. If you choose to advertise differently contact the Student Engagement Center to link your advertising to Handshake. Refer to the handbook for instructions for using Handshake.

Additional advertising on your website, through social media, targeted emails, or listserv announcements is advisable. Contact the Student Engagement Center for additional help.

  1. All student employees MUST have a completed Federal Employment Eligibility Form (Form I-9) on file on or prior to their 1st day of employment.  You can check this by searching the name of the student on Please refer your students to the Human Resources office if they do not have employment forms turned in.
  2. Complete the Student Employment Hiring Form which can be found on the Business Office website. This form can be used to add, delete, or change wages for student employees.
  3. Have a great experience working with your student employee.

A student holds student employment status and can only be paid through student payroll through the end of the current pay period during which they are an active student. Upon graduating, withdrawing from school, or entering leave of absence status, a student is no longer considered active and is not eligible to work under student employment status. For example, students graduating in May can work as a student through the end of the May pay period, which ends on June 8.

If you need to continue their employment with Whitman College, you will need to work with Human Resources in advance of the end date to transition the former student to a temporary staff position. As a temporary employee, they will be subject to the standard OPE rate, regular tax withholding, and other employment requirements.