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Alumni - Your Whitman College ID Card

Alumni living in the Walla Walla region may obtain an Alumni ID Card for a yearly fee of $25.

Obtaining a Card

To obtain your card you will need to do the following:

  • Contact the Alumni Office to have your information verified and have your card made at (509) 527-5167, alumni@whitman.edu, or 364 Boyer Ave, 2nd Floor.
  • You will need to provide a digital photo for your ID (ID guidelines), or they can take it for you in the Alumni Relations office.
  • The Alumni Relations office will request your ID and contact you when it is ready.

Building Access

Bring your Alumni ID to access Baker Ferguson Fitness Center during normal business hours. Current Hours.

Library Resource Usage

Your Whitman ID gives you access to library resources (borrowing books, etc.). See the Penrose Library webpage for current hours.

Please consult our Alumni Access Guide for more information.

If Your Card Doesn't Work

If your card does not work, here are some tips to help find what is wrong:

  • Is it not working on a Doorswipe?
    • Is the Doorswipe accepting swipes? (See Doorswipe Swiping in Doorswipe Operations) If not then the building's office has decided that the cardswipe shouldn't be working at this time for some or all of the cards. You will need to talk to them if you feel you have a valid reason for using the doorswipe when you are trying to use it.
    • If it should be accepting your swipe can other people (that it should be accepting) successfully swipe into this door? If not then it may be a general doorswipe problem. Contact Technology Services so that we can get it fixed.
    • Do you have the privilege for this door? If not then you may will need to contact the building's office to get their authorization.
    • Does your card work in other Doorswipes (if you have access to any others)? If not then there is probably a problem with your card. Bring it to Technology Services to get it examined and recoded.
  • If your card is damaged then you need to follow the instructions for getting it replaced in the Lost Cards section. There may or may not be a charge for this depending on the damage.

If Your Card Is Lost Or Stolen 

ID Cards are an important asset here at Whitman. It is very important that you keep track of yours because it is like a building key. If you happen to lose your card or it gets stolen it is very important that you do the following:

  • Notify the Campus Security Office (campus at extension 5777 or 527-5777 if off-campus) to make sure your card gets suspended so that no one else can use it.
  • If you are unable to find or recover your card then contact the Alumni Relations office to get a new card made. A replacement card costs $15.00.
  • Once the new card is issued or if you find your old card (so that you don't need a new one) come into the Technology Services office to make sure your card gets reinstated properly. Their office is located in the Technology Services building, 416 E. Main St.

No Longer Needing Your Card

When you no longer need your card it would be appreciated it you would notify Technology Services so that we can remove your card from the system. This will help us in keeping our system up to date.

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