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Wedge Operations

Purpose of the Wedge

The Wedges have been installed on campus to function as abbreviated cash registers that allow offices to charge for their goods. Most also have the ability to deal with cash which furthers their use as cash registers so that the office doesn't have to have two machines to deal with their sales.

This was primarily designed for students so that they didn't have to carry money around with them all of the time and allows them to have a centralized way to take care of their needs on campus. There are also some charging options to faculty and staff through the cardswipe system for Bon Appetit items.

These devices read the magnetic strip on the back of your Campus ID card and communicate with the cardswipe server to determine if you can charge and how much you can charge. This is accomplished through "privileges" on the server that tells the wedge whether your card is allowed to charge at that location. In the dining halls there is also a time schedule in place to differentiate between the meals the varying prices for them.

Operating States of a Wedge

There are basically two states that you will find a wedge in when you approach it.

  • Offline State. This is indicated by the asterisk (*) in the upper right of the display with possibly a number after it. When a wedge is in this state Technology Services needs to be notified if the Manager/Cashier cannot remedy it. In this state it may or may not display what the location is.
  • Online State. This is indicated by the absence of the asterisk (*) in the upper right of the display. In this state the wedge should identify the location and the time period if there are any for that location.

Wedge Locations

These are the current wedges on campus. The ones you will have access to will depend on your card's classification. See the classification section on the Campus ID Card.

  • Bookstore Midi Wedge (for student charging only- will also take credit cards)
  • Health Center Maxi Wedge (for student charging only)
  • Jewett Dining Hall Mini Wedge (for meal charging only)
  • Library Mini Wedge (for Library Copy Machine Cards only)
  • Library Cafe '41 Midi Wedge (for espresso and snacks, Fac/Staff Cash Flex accepted)
  • Lyman Dining Hall Mini Wedge (for meal charging only)
  • Outdoor Programs Midi Wedge (for student charging only)
  • Post Office Midi Wedge (for student charging only)
  • Prentiss Dining Hall Mini Wedge (for meal charging only)
  • Reid Cafe Maxi Wedge (for Cafe meals and snacks, Fac/Staff Cash Flex accepted)
  • Reid Espresso Cart Midi Wedge (for espresso and snacks, Fac/Staff Cash Flex accepted)
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