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More than most other colleges and universities, Whitman College is a friendly community of people who know, respect, and watch out for each other. Proud to be part of this community, the staff of the Office of Security plays an important role in ensuring the safety of students, faculty and staff members, and visitors to campus.

*Note: The Office of Security is not a campus information service. Please do not call Security to get phone numbers. The College has a campus information line. Please call 509-527-5111.


Walla Walla Police Department
7-911, from residence halls
9-911, from other campus buildings
Office of Security: 509-527-5777 (x5777 from all campus locations)


Walla Walla Police Department: 509-527-4434
     Non-Emergency Dispatch: 509-527-1960
Office of Security: 509-527-5777 (x5777 from all campus locations)

Emergencies: Fire

Call 7-911, from residence halls; 9-911 from other campus buildings.

Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies are generally handled by the Health Center. In the event of a life-threatening emergency while in College residence halls, you should call 7-911; all other campus locations dial 9-911.

Please report all injuries or medical emergencies to the Health Center at x5281.

Security Escorts

Security Escorts are available for students and employees, to and from campus facilities and up to two blocks off the campus, 24/7, seven days a week. To arrange for an escort, simply dial x5777 and tell the dispatcher your name, present location and desired destination. In most cases you will not have to wait more than 10 to 15 minutes.

Security Phones

Security phones (known as blue light phones) are located in several areas of the campus. Please do not hesitate to use them in case of a criminal, medical or fire emergency. If you have an emergency, push the red button; this will activate the phone and a police dispatcher will answer. The dispatcher will ask you what the emergency is and your location. Please stay on the line and follow the instruction given to you by the dispatcher. (Help is on the way.)

The phone can be used to make on-campus calls only. Push the black button and you will get a dial tone; enter your four-digit number (last four numbers of the on-campus number). After your call is completed, please push the black button to hang up. There is a two-minute limit on the campus calls.

Lost & Found

If you find an item on campus that appears to be separated from its owner, here are a few things to do:

  • Send an email describing the item and when and where it was found to  lostandfound@whitman.edu. (Note: please do not ever share information or images that include sensitive personal information such as birth dates, credit/debit card numbers, etc.)
  • Items found in campus buildings may be left with the building’s administrative staff.
  • Found items may be given to Security by calling 509-527-5777.
    Unclaimed items are donated quarterly to local thrift stores.

If you lose an item on campus, here are a few things to do:

  • Send an email describing the item and when and where it may have been lost to lostandfound@whitman.edu.
  • Check with building administrators in any building where you may have left the item.
  • Check with Security to see if the item has been turned in to them. Items turned in to Security are stored at their office in the Whitman College Technology Services building.

Unclaimed items are donated quarterly to local thrift stores.

Bicycle Registration

The City of Walla Walla requires that all bicycles be registered with the Walla Walla Police Department. Registration costs $5, and has proven to be an effective method for retrieving stolen bicycles, since the owner can be traced and the bike returned if found. All bicycles must be registered at the Police Station located at 54 E Moore St, Walla Walla.

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