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Safety Tips

Here are some handy tips we've learned can help keep you and your belongings safe and sound:


Door-to-door selling of any product by any group in a residence hall is prohibited on campus unless written authorization is given by the Residence Life Office.

Prank Phone Calls

Most prank callers only want to annoy you; some want to frighten you. Remember, the remedy for all kinds of prank calls is the same--HANG UP! You can't be annoyed or frightened if you won't listen. If prank calls persist, call the Security Office and report them by calling (509) 527-5777 (or x5777 from all campus locations).

Personal Safety

Always be alert! If you feel you are being watched or followed, do not be afraid to show that you are suspicious. The average criminal is as afraid of you as you are of him. Surprise is his principle weapon; alertness is your principle defense.


Walk with a purpose. Let people see that you know what you are Doing and where you are going. Avoid dark and deserted places, especially alleys and parking lots. If you are going to be out late at night, carry a small flashlight. DO NOT walk or jog by yourself; find a friend to accompany you.

  • If you are followed:
    1. Do not stop under any circumstances.
    2. Walk swiftly to a law enforcement officer, cross the street, or try to enter a nearby home or business.
    3. If you are in a dark or lonely area, walk out of it as soon as possible; run if necessary.
    4. If you cannot avoid the pursuer, start running. Go to anybody for help. If possible, stop a car. If you feel definitely threatened, continue to shout "Fire!" More people will respond to a cry of fire because it could effect them.
    5. Scream at the top of your voice! Do not be afraid of being mistaken.
  • If Attacked:
    1. Try to break loose and get away.
    2. If not successful, talk furiously.
    3. Tell the attacker you are ill and are going to vomit.

If you are a victim of a crime, report it at your earliest opportunity.

Property Identification

Valuable property should be marked with personally identifiable numbers used in connection with product serial numbers.

Most valuable pieces of property can be engraved with a hard- tipped scribe or an electric engraving pencil. The Security Office has an electric engraving pencil available for checkouts. The most effective identification number is your driver's license number.

When law enforcement agencies recover property, the identification number will usually ensure the return of your property.

Some items don't lend themselves to engraving. In this case, take a color photograph of the item and write a description on the back of the photo, noting any unique characteristics. Note: Photograph the object with the owner.

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