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The Summer Conferences office may have issued you a Conference Card for your stay at Whitman. These cards have limited access to Whitman resources and vary depending on the arrangements you have made with the Summer Conferences and Events office.

Obtaining a Card

All arrangements for obtaining cards need to be done through the Summer Conferences and Events office.

If You Lose Your Card

If you happen to lose your card you will need to contact the Summer Conferences and Events office so that it can be suspended (to prevent unauthorized usage) and you can get a replacement card.

Building Access

Your ID card will allow you after-hours access to the buildings on campus that you have arranged access to with the Summer Conferences and Events office. More info on how doorswipes work can be found by clicking here.

Bon Appetit Usage

Your card could have access to the various food venues operated by Bon Appetit. This also would have to be pre-arranged with the Summer Conferences and Events office.

When You Leave Whitman

When your stay at Whitman is over, please return your card(s) to the Summer Conferences and Events office.

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