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Pete and Hedda Reid Award

The Pete and Hedda Reid Award (previously known as the “Town/Gown Award”) recognizes one individual from Whitman every year for their exceptional volunteer work within the community. The Award Committee is comprised of Whitman staff and faculty members who review all nominations and determine each year’s winner. The recipient of the Pete and Hedda Reid Award is honored by the Walla Walla Valley Chamber of Commerce and receives a $1,000 prize from Whitman College.

Previous Award Recipients:

2023 - Sarah Hurlburt ’91, in memory of Bryan Lubbers
2022 - Jennifer Northam ’91, in memory of Bob Tobin
2021 - Jim Russo, in memory of Susan Palmer
2020 - Kynde Kiefel, in memory of Nancy Cronon Ball
2019 - Aaron Bobrow-Strain, in memory of Kyle Martz ’07
2018 - Mitch Clearfield, in memory of G. Thomas Edwards
2017 - Ema Lopez-Ortiz, in memory of R.R. “Pete” Reid ’49
2016 - Ruth Ladderud ’82, in memory of Lynn Lunden
2015 - Andrea Dobson, in memory of Arthur “Art” Rempel
2014 - Jean Carwile Masteller, in memory of Edward “Ed” Foster
        - Noah Leavitt, in memory of Robert “Bob” Schaeffer
2013 - Pat Spencer, in memory of Louis Perry
2012 - Brian Dohe, in memory of George Ball
2011 - Tana Park, in memory of Jack Riehl
        - Patrick Henry, in memory of Edwin “Ted” Stein
2010 - Melissa Clearfield, in memory of Mary Hanna
2009 - Peter Harvey, in memory of David Stevens
2008 - Amber Dobbs-Woodworth, in memory of Carl Schmitt
2007 - Ann Stull, in memory of Sandy Kimball
2006 - Deborah Winter, in memory of Paul & Louise Harvey
2005 - Kathy Ruggeri, in memory of Baker Ferguson
2004 - Tom Cronin, in memory of Craig Crawford Esary
2003 - Mary Luckstead, in memory of Eva “Eve” Peterson
2002 - Bob Withycombe, in memory of Max Seachris
2001 - Timothy Kaufman-Osborn, in memory of David Deal
2000 - Barbara Stubblefield, in memory of Dwelley Jones
1999 - (award not presented)
1998 - Sharon Kaufman-Osborn, in memory of Jean Ferguson
1997 - Mike Howell, in memory of Kenneth Fry
1996 - Robert Fontenot, in memory of Donald & Virginia Sherwood
1995 - Laura Copeland, in memory of Carl Peters
1994 - Larry Beaulaurier, in memory of W. “Shine” Minnick
1993 - Stephen Rubin, in memory of Nesmith Ankeny
1992 - Shirley Muse, in memory of Bunny Stevens
1991 - Pete Parcells, in memory of Thomas Howells
1990 - Lawrence J. Paynter, in memory of Frederic Santler
1989 - Keith Farrington, in memory of Robert Whitner
1988 - Lawrence L. Dodd, in memory of Walter Brattain
1987 - (award not presented)
1986 - John R. Freimann, in memory of Laura C. Peterson
1985 - Richard Stewart, in memory of “Jerry” Jesseph
1984 - Gorden Scribner, in memory of Chester C. Maxey
1983 - Craig Gunsel, in memory of Clarence Braden
1982 - Douglas Underwood, in memory of H. Ward Gardner
1981 - Robert J. Carson, in memory of F. Lowden Jones
1980 - Kate Bracher & Robert Burgess, in memory of Harold Crawford
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