Whitman College Reunion Weekend, Class of 1988

Class of 1988
30th Cluster Reunion - Fall 2017

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Row 1: Sally Nordquist, Sara Harlan, Maggie Fleet, Sheila Ater Capestany, Andrew Ergeson, Erin Panny

Row 2: Eric Gerber, Matt Pearson, Karen Hougan, Lynn Greer McKelvey, Beth Long Salaguinto, Amy Matheson Day, Brian Murphy, Kamilla Venner, Becky Snow, Dave Olafsson

Row 3: Emily Patzmann Swanson, Tim Allen, Brier Dudley, Brent Schimke, Todd Adams, Donnetta Brashear Elsasser, Mike Wilcox, Mike Zoretic

Row 4: Jeff Clark, Brett Bowton-Meade, Fred Bartlett, Jodi Emtman, Dan Postle