Class of 1976
40th Reunion - Fall 2016

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Row 1: Frank Andrews, Helen Boyer (spouse), Bruce Boyer, Peter Williams, Carla Brinkley (seated), Kathy Bocci Elsee, Jan Beyers, Debi Aucutt Toews, Elena Louise Richmond, Mary-Ellis Lacy Adams

Row 2: Debbie Tripp Beers, Nancy Strother Andrews, Dana Caldart, John Barbour, Rick Neely, Marjorie Schaer Gray, Tami Ball Matsumoto, Mary Ann Ritchey Darby, Mindy Brown Ferris, Michael Flannery, Vincent Theel

Row 3: Randy Phillips, John Kuhl, Susan Bick, Mike Ricketts, Susan Dahlberg, Candace Franks Murray, Sheila Lake Hair, Ellen Harbold Ostheller, Jim Tomlinson

Row 4: Jerry Barbour, Herrick Heitman, Donna Perry Jones, Maureen Sullivan, Tricia Walsh-Coughlan, Georgia O'Flaherty, Susan Sample, Mark Ralston

Row 5: Larry Johnson, Gilbert Campbell, Jan Stewart Dappen `77, Andy Dappen, Jim Toews `78