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Chemistry - Geology

If you are interested in understanding the various ways in which chemistry may be used for geological discoveries, Whitman’s combined chemistry - geology major is the perfect program for you. As a chemistry-geology major, you will:

Focus on the chemical composition of our planet as well as of other planets, and gain a deep understanding of the different chemical processes and reactions at work in the formation of rocks, soil, etc., through a challenging, interdisciplinary curriculum.

Explore how insights and processes in the field of chemistry may be successfully used in determining and/or predicting different geological phenomena, events and processes, ranging from determining the age of the earth to measuring the impact of extraterrestrial bodies if they were to collide with the earth, to predicting volcanic eruptions.

Collaborate closely with faculty mentors and advisors on exciting hands-on experiments and scientific instrumentation and techniques within our state-of-the-art chemistry and geology laboratories that feature everything from ultraviolet spectrometry to seismographs and gravity meters.

Benefit from a wide variety of exciting, collaborative field research opportunities through both the Departments of Chemistry and Geology, including four- and five-day trips to area sites that become topics for classroom geological discussion as well as one- to three-week expeditions to areas of geological interest at more distant locations.

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