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Geology - Physics

If your interest in physics — the science that breaks down everything in the world to a combination of matter, energy, space, and time — matches your curiosity about the physical world itself — the fundamental materials, processes, and structures that define it, consider becoming a geology-physics major at Whitman. You’ll discover:

A challenging program that prepares you for graduate study in fields ranging from engineering to geophysics — offered by a department that is a member of the prestigious Keck Geology Consortium (members are the Geology departments of 12 of the nation’s best liberal arts colleges).

An interdisciplinary curriculum that encompasses geology, physics, math and chemistry, to help you build a strong foundation in earth science as well as an in-depth understanding of such geological processes and issues as uplift and erosion; the formation of volcanoes, glaciers, and other landforms; mineral and rock identification, and more.

Access to sophisticated laboratories featuring seismographs, petrographic microscopes, and more.

Extensive research and fieldwork opportunities under the supervision of friendly and supportive faculty mentors — within Whitman’s classrooms and laboratories, as well as at sites across the Pacific Northwest and around the world in Greenland, Canada, Tibet, Bulgaria, Peru, Ecuador, Italy, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Iceland, and the Lesser Antilles.

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