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Politics - Environmental Studies

You're eager to understand the complex nature of power in the world we live in and the ability of a society to make the essential decisions that impact our lives in ways both large and small. And you'd like to use that knowledge to be part of the solution for some of the most pressing environmental concerns of our times. The combined Politics - Environmental Studies major at Whitman was designed just for students like you.

These requirements are in addition to core courses required of all environmental studies majors.

Politics-Environmental Studies:

Introductory courses:

Take at least one of the following:

Politics 119 Whitman in the Global Food System
Politics 124 Introduction to Politics and the Environment
Politics 228 Political Ecology
Politics 287 Natural Resource Policy and Management

Political economy:

Take at least one of the following:

Economics 100 Principles of Microeconomics and the Environment
Politics 363 Genealogies of Political Economy

Global politics:

Take at least one of the following:

Politics 147 International Politics
Politics 232 The Politics of Globalization
Politics 331 Politics of International Hierarchy


Take an 12 additional credits in politics. At least eight of these credits must be from 300- and 400-level courses.

Senior year requirements:

Take the following:

Politics 490 Senior Seminar
Politics 497 Senior Thesis or Politics 498 Honors Thesis
Environmental Studies 488 Senior Project or Environmental Studies 498 Honors Project

No more than eight credits earned in off-campus programs, transfer credits, and/or credits from cross-listed courses may be used to satisfy major requirements. Of these eight credits, no more than four may count toward 300- and 400-level courses. Courses taken P-D-F may not be used to satisfy the course and credit requirements for the major.

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