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Physics - Environmental Studies

You understand that environmental problems are multi-causal phenomena that require multidimensional solutions. It’s why you’re looking for an interdisciplinary program — one that combines your interest in the physical sciences with your passion for the environment, one that prepares you to be a successful scientist as well as an effective environmental citizen and leader. Whitman’s physics-environmental studies major may be the program for you.

These requirements are in addition to core courses required of all environmental studies majors.

Physics-Environmental Studies:

Physics 145 General Physics I with Applications to Life and Earth Sciences OR Physics 155 General Physics I

Physics 156 General Physics II

Physics 245 Twentieth Century Physics I

Physics 255 Twentieth Century Physics Lab

Physics 267 Analog and Digital Electronics and Instrumentation

Physics 325 Electricity and Magnetism

Two courses from the following:

Physics 325 Electricity and Magnetism

Physics 339 Advanced Lab

Physics 347 Classical Mechanics

Physics 357 Thermal Physics

One additional physics course numbered from 300-480 or BBMB 324 Biophysics

Mathematics 125 Calculus I

Mathematics 126 Calculus II

Mathematics 225 Calculus III

Mathematics 244 Differential Equations

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