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Physics - Astronomy

In search of an outstanding program that balances your passion for the physical sciences with your curiosity and interest in the field of astronomy? Looking to play an important role in helping the world face up to an ever-increasing list of scientific challenges? As a physics-astronomy major at Whitman, you will:

Build a solid foundation in the fundamentals central to the physical sciences, pursue your interest in astronomy, and develop the critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills you need to succeed in graduate or professional school.

Understand the laws governing fundamental natural phenomena and the applications of those laws within the context of a classic liberal arts education in order to become the kind of creative thinker and visionary who blazes a unique path within the world of science.

Collaborate closely with accomplished professors from both fields, through active classroom discussions, laboratory and research work, faculty-guided independent study projects, joint conference presentations on campus and across the nation, and extensive fieldwork experiences.

Enjoy access to an array of sophisticated, real-world technologies and facilities including lasers, electromagnets, spectrometers, cryogenic apparatus, student workstations equipped with the latest PASCO Scientific apparatus, access to an off-campus observatory, and a fully functioning planetarium on campus.

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