National deadline: TBA (2017/2018 opens October 2016)

Eligibility requirements: 

  • U.S. citizen or foreign national in possession of an American Green Card 
  • Dual French-American citizens or French permanent residents of the U.S. 
  • 20-35 years of age at the time of application 
  • Junior status by beginning of program 
  • Majority of elementary, secondary and university studies completed in U.S. 
  • Proficiency in French. (Applicants who have lived in a Francophone country or who have a basic proficiency (three semesters, on average) but not a major or minor in French) 
  • Teaching experience or experience working with children preferred 

Award summary and conditions: The French Ministry of Education and the Cultural Services at the French Embassy offer approximately 1,500 English language teaching assistantships in French primary and secondary schools as well as in various French teaching colleges - otherwise known as the "Instituts universitaires de formation des maitres" (IUFM) in all regions of France and the French overseas departments of French Guiana, Guadalupe, Martinique and the Reunion. This joint initiative between the Embassy of France and the French Ministry of Education aims to strengthen English language instruction in the French educational system through the establishment of a native speaker presence. 

Program duration: Four different contracts available. All begin October 1. Awards cannot be deferred to the following academic year. Teaching assistants with a superior record of performance may apply to have their assistantship renewed for a second year.  

  • 7 months: secondary school 
  • 7 months: elementary school 
  • 9 months: elementary school 
  • 6 months: IUFM 

Applicants may request a city or region to which they wish to be assigned. However, the number of teaching positions available in larger metropolitan areas, such as Lyon, Strasbourg, Nice and Montpellier, is limited. Therefore applicants should also be prepared to accept teaching positions in smaller communities.  Teaching assistants receive a monthly salary from which deductions for mandatory health insurance and French social security are taken. Teaching assistants do not receive additional support for travel to France or for dependents. Personal funds are necessary for the initial period of the grant. The stipend provides enough money to live in the manner of a typical French student. 

Application process: online

Application requirements: 

  • Online application 
  • Statement of purpose (500 words, in French) 
  • Scan of passport 
  • Scan of Green Card if U.S. permanent resident 
  • Scan of official transcripts 
  • Language evaluation 

Announcement date: First week of April via email