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Video Conferencing Backgrounds

Instructions for saving your background:

  • Open the card to the background you want.
  • Right click the image.
  • Click “Save As.”
  • Save the background where you would like.

Instructions for using virtual backgrounds on Zoom:

Save your favorite background.

  • From an active Zoom meeting, click or tap the carat next to the video icon and select “Choose a Virtual Background.”
  • Upload the photo or video you downloaded (you may need to download a plugin in order for this to work).
  • From the Zoom home screen, click on the settings icon (a cog).
  • In settings, select “Virtual Background.”
  • Click “Add Image,” and upload the photo or video you downloaded.
  • Select the photo from the options (check the preview to see if you like it) and close the window.

*It may appear mirrored to you, but will appear correct to your viewers.

Download All Virtual Backgrounds

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