• Josh Jensen

    Josh Jensen

    Vice President for Enrollment and Communications

    Boyer House, Room 209

    Josh Jensen (he/him/his) joined Whitman in July 2016. As vice president for enrollment and communications, Josh manages a team of 40 across admission, communications and financial aid. His work includes broad oversight of admission policy and practice, student recruitment, financial aid management, strategic messaging, content strategy, creative production, social and digital media, public relations, crisis communications and printing and mailing services. Josh also serves as the primary communications counsel to President Murray and serves on the President's cabinet.

  • Gina Ohnstad

    Gina Ohnstad

    Senior Director of Communications

    Boyer House, Room 201

    Gina Ohnstad (she/her/hers) joined Whitman in August of 2014. She brings more than 15 years of experience in the news business to the communications department. As the senior director, Gina oversees the Office of Communications, setting strategy and priorities for content, creative services, social media, media relations, and print and mailing services. Gina also handles crisis communication and is a member of the college's emergency communications team. She partners with members of the Whitman community to tackle communications problems from a strategic, goal-oriented perspective.

  • Christie Fuller

    Christie Fuller

    Communications Office, Printing and Mailing Manager

    Boyer House, Room 200A

    Christie Fuller (she/her/hers) is the office manager for the Office of Communications and oversees daily operations for Whitman's print and mailing services. Christie assists the campus community with event advertising, printing or mailing billing questions and ordering name tags. She also oversees the twice yearly bulk stationery order for the college.

Content Team

  • Margie Reece

    Margie Reece

    Director of Content

    Boyer House, room 102

    Margie Reece ‘93 (she/her/hers) joined Whitman in October 2019. Margie brings years of experience in writing and editing for diverse audiences. She's passionate about storytelling and creating compelling and effective content. Margie supports Whitman College's strategic marketing and communications efforts by crafting strong written content for various platforms, including Whitman print and digital publications and campaigns - for prospective students, alumni, donors and the campus community.

  • Rebecca Devereaux

    Rebecca Devereaux

    Video & Multimedia Producer

    Boyer House, Room 204

    Rebecca Devereaux (she/her/hers) is an award-winning multiplatform journalist who oversees the video strategy at Whitman College. Rebecca is in charge of creating video stories and promotional pieces in support of the college's goals. Her work appears on social media, the Whitman website and in marketing pieces targeting a variety of audiences. Rebecca also oversees the college's photo database and a staff of student photographers and videographers.

  • Heidi Pitts

    Heidi Pitts

    Internal Communications Strategist


    Heidi Pitts (she/her/hers) joined Whitman in May 2020 following 15 years experience in community development and non-profit communications. As Whitman's first internal communications strategist, she is responsible for creating new ways for our community to connect by leveraging technology, streamlining existing communications channels and sharpening our messaging to align with the college’s strategic priorities.

  • Lara Hale

    Lara Hale

    Senior Writer and Editor

    Lara Hale (she/her/hers) joined Whitman in January 2021 with more than 15 years of experience in writing and editing. Lara is the editor of Whitman Magazine and also supports the college’s marketing and communications goals by crafting engaging content for whitman.edu and various print and digital platforms. 

  • Kat Jimenez

    Kat Jimenez

    Social Media Specialist

    Kat Jimenez (she/her/hers) joined Whitman in April 2021. She brings a fun creative mindset to the content team. With her experience in social media management, Kat plans and implements strategies and campaigns to connect and engage prospective students through social media—showcasing all that Whitman College has to offer. She works closely with other creatives on the team and mentors students in social media communication.

  • Whitney Rich

    Whitney Rich

    Marketing Writer


    Whitney Rich '20 (she/her/hers) is a recent Whitman graduate and Spanish major. Whitney brings her experience working as a student news and feature writer at Whitman. She is excited to support the marketing and communications goals of the college by taking an inventive and collaborative approach to content creation. 

Creative Services

  • Ryan Barnes

    Ryan Barnes

    Director of Creative Services

    Boyer House, Room 203

    Ryan Barnes (he/him/his) is an accomplished creative director with more than 16 years experience with knowledge in brand strategy, creative direction, digital media, and web management. Ryan oversees the creative services team and the conceptual development of the print and digital communications for Whitman College. As our brand steward, he develops and maintains Whitman's brand. Ryan ensures the college's strategic communications goals are translating and documented into briefs and executed with internal and external resources.

  • Michael Cox

    Michael Cox

    Web Designer

    Boyer House, Room 101

    Michael Cox (he/him/his) joined Whitman in January 2012. As Whitman's web designer, Michael creates web pages and digital content that is in line with Whitman's visual and brand identity, with an eye toward the user experience and digital best practices.

  • Keith Hough

    Keith Hough

    Web Developer

    Boyer House, Room 206

    Keith Hough (he/him/his) is responsible for developing and maintaining the technical aspects of the Whitman website and digital communications. He is the lead user of the college's content management system, and works closely with the content and creative team to create dynamic and effective web
    pages, emails and other digital projects.

  • Matthew McKern

    Matthew McKern

    Senior Designer

    Boyer House, Room 103

    Matthew McKern (he/him/his) is a native Walla Wallan with more than 25 years of experience in design and illustration, creating marketing materials both in print and on the web. As senior designer, Matt works closely with the director of creative services in developing and implementing Whitman's visual brand identity into all of its print and digital projects.

Media and Public Relations

  • Gillian Frew

    Gillian Frew

    Media Relations Strategist

    Boyer House, Room 205

    Gillian Frew '11 (she/her/hers) has a bachelor's degree in English from Whitman College. As the college's media relations strategist, Gillian serves as the liaison between faculty and staff and the media to promote the mission of Whitman College. This includes writing news releases, pitching articles, connecting reporters with expert sources at Whitman, and placing pieces by faculty in media around the nation. Gillian also writes a regular column in the Union-Bulletin about Whitman. Gillian is the main contact for media inquiries.

Print Production and Mailing Services

  • Richard Anderson

    Richard Anderson

    Print Production Specialist

    Boyer House, Room 111

    Richard Anderson (he/him/his) oversees the college's in-house, full-service print shop. He can assist faculty, staff and students with business card orders, print services, binder services, ordering paper inventory, and small and large format image scanning.

  • Linda Marshall

    Linda Marshall

    Mailing Coordinator

    Boyer House, Room 105

    Linda Marshall (she/her/hers) oversees the processing of outgoing mail from the college, including metering postage, address printing, mail merges, working with shippers and managing USPS postal regulations and requirements. She can assist the campus community with USPS, FedEx and other mail processing services, including envelope and postcard printing and mail merges.