Our Print Services department is available to assist the campus community with various copy and print needs. We aim to produce high-quality work on time and at the best price to serve your project or program.

Our projects include business cards, letterhead and envelopes, invitations, notepads, posters, publications, periodicals, flyers, booklets, manuals, banners, T-shirts, promotional items, and more. Many items can be produced on campus. We also work with many vendors to get you the best price for your project.

Please note: Faculty and staff who need to create an event poster or other outside advertising should use our Event Advertising Form.

Available Services

  • Project Management: vendor selection, paper stock options, recycle properties and more.
  • Photocopying: two digital copiers, one B+W, one color, can collate, staple, produce booklets, enlarge images and more.
  • Trimming: digital equipment trims business cards, booklet covers, postcards, posters and more to ensure a professional look.
  • Saddle Stitching: for booklets.
  • Comb and Spiral Binding: for publications such as reports and manuals.
  • Padding Station: for items such as note pads and carbonless forms.
  • Lamination: protecting such items as name badges, pictures, news clips, etc.
  • Large-format Printer: for large documents, posters and banners up to 44 inches wide. 
  • Paper product inventory: stock of generic letterhead, generic envelopes of assorted sizes, plain white and colored paper, including various levels of recycled content paper.

To Begin a Job

For faculty and staff use only.

The most critical aspects toward ensuring the success of your project are clear communication about your exact needs and allowing ample lead time. Of course, there will be “emergency" jobs, and we make every effort to accommodate those projects.

We can provide a cost estimate so you can budget for the expense.

Project Submittal

We're happy to help get your project started. Please submit your project below and provide us with every detail of your project. Your complete and accurate job ticket ensures we can process your project correctly. We can receive projects in the following ways: hard copy, PDFs, JPG and TIF files.

Submit Your Project

Turn Around Time

Please allow three days for basic printing needs (including posters, business cards and notepads). For booklets and manuals, please allow a minimum of five days. Note: these turnaround times reflect printing only and not design. If your project requires design from the Communications team, please submit your request to commprojects@whitman.edu.

Inventoried Items

The inventory includes a wide variety of paper products and specialty items. To purchase any of these items, send an email to pubprint@whitman.edu. Your order will be filled and sent to you via campus mail or you may pick it up at the Boyer House.

It's important to know that...

Equipment failure/breakdown can prevent us from completing your work accurately and on time. Another reason why as much lead time as possible is a best practice toward success. Frequent and late changes can also delay the production schedule and lead to final product errors. Jobs requiring reprinting or reassembly because of changes or client errors will be the financial responsibility of the requesting department. Some printing options are limited to certain software formats; check in advance to avoid the need to recreate your document.

Need Help? Please contact our Print Production Specialist,  Richard Anderson, about your request.