Language Learning Center

The Language Learning Center provides support to anyone in the Whitman community who seeks to acquire or improve skills in a second (or third or fourth or fifth!) language. Catch the afternoon news from Beijing, curl up on the couch with a German newspaper, or meet up with a group of classmates to watch and discuss a French film.

Services and Resources Overview

  • Language Assistants Program – conversation groups, office hours, and cultural events
  • ESL Fellows Program - tutoring for students who speak English as a second (or third!) language
  • Links to language resources at Whitman and abroad
  • Satellite television broadcasting in Chinese, Japanese, French, and German
  • Macs with native language operating systems (Chinese, Japanese, French, German, and Spanish)
  • Voice recording and audio editing software
  • Tape recorders and digital voice recorders for checkout
  • Dedicated conversational spaces and a movie-viewing room
  • Games, magazines, newspapers, and books in foreign languages

2014-2015 Language Assistants

Language Assistants 2014-2015

Clockwise from left: Svea Hammerle (Germany), Eleonore Chevreux (France), Kei Sugiyama (Japan), Devon Wootten (LLC Manager), Celia Bravo-Diaz (Spain), Xiaoqing Su (China)           

2013-2014 Language Assistants

Language Assistants 2013-2014

Juan Wang (China): Nicole Schumann (Germany); Julia Hernandez Moreno (Spain); Ayana Hatsuda (Japan); Solena Jegousso (France)

Links to Language Resources

Other (more general) online resources

Dish Network International TV Schedules

Dish Network Viewing


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