Jenn and Three Students

Two Week Program: June 28 - July 11

Tuition $1,452
Room and Board $1,063
Admin. Fee $45
Total $2,560

Three-Week Program: July 12 - August 1

Tuition $1,724
Room and Board $1,597
Admin. Fee $45
Total $3,366

Five-Week Program: June 28 - August 1

Tuition $2,039
Room and Board $2,655
Admin. Fee $45
Total $4,739

All programs are subject to a $245.00 non-refundable application fee,
   $200.00 of the fee will be applied to tuition upon acceptance.

PlacementPhoto 2010 Posed

At the beginning of each session, incoming students are required to take a placement adjudication class in ballet technique. During this class the faculty and directors observe students for their correct placement, deportment, strength, familiarity of steps and terms, as well as ease of execution. This evaluation will place students at the level deemed best suited for them within the overall level of students attending the program. This procedure is to help ensure that students learn correctly at a speed suited for them. Students are assigned to one of five studios, where they study with others of similar strength and ability. Reevaluation throughout the program ensures all are working at the level which will improve technique and ability. Length of time students are in the program does not affect the level at which they are placed.

“My experience with the Summer Dance Lab apprentice program taught me many things. It gave me a glimpse of what life would be like in a professional company, and I loved it.”
—Henry Winslow 2014