Dancers line 

Bending DancerDancing Feet

Dancer's LegsDancer

Dancing PracticePracticing More

The Instructor Bends, the students watch Raising up a leg

Dance InstructionDance Practice in the studo

Practicing with dance bar

Dancer's Back Dancer with hand outstreached

Legs in black and whiteDancers on the floor

Girls at festival in the parkGirls in huddle in front of Gazeebo

Dancing in the Park

Conversing in the parkFurther Dancing in the park

Stretching Dancer in the ParkTie-Dye shirt dancers in park

Dancing in the park again

Even More Tie-Dye Shirt Dancing in the Park

Another Picture of Tie-Dye Shirted dancing in the parkKneeling Ballet in the Park

Hair Swirling Tie-Dye Dancing

Students in front of building

Grooving Eating Outside

Girl With NotebookDancers standing in the park