What to expect at Summer Dance Lab: Excellence In Training

What to expect at Summer Dance Lab: Personal Attention

What to expect at Summer Dance Lab: Performance Opportunities

What to expect at Summer Dance Lab: Performance Opportunities

Multi-Disciplinary & Fun

Multi-Disciplinary & Fun


Program Dates:

June 29 - July 23 Open to Advanced Placing Students
July 3- July 23 Open to All Level Students

We are excited to announce the relaunch of Summer Dance Lab’s 2022 program!

We are offering a special opportunity for Advanced Students who apply for the June 29th through July 23rd session.

Along with a Three Week Session for students of all levels July 3rd through July 23rd.

We will have updated information about programming, exciting news about this summer’s faculty, guest teachers, performing opportunities, and events in the weeks ahead.

Please check our listings for upcoming in-person auditions in a city near you by clicking on the Audition Tour tab on this page. Additional info also posted below. Each studio location we visit may have its own Covid Safety Protocols. The program will adhere to the safety rules of the studios we are visiting. Please check for information about a studio’s protocols so that we may have a safe experience.

You can also find out about Online Audition Submissions on the link below.

We look forward to seeing you again this summer!

John Passafiume
Director, SDL


We are holding in-person auditions at several locations. Please check for information of the cities and studios we are visiting by clicking on the Audition Tour tab located on this page. We expect to move forward with auditions unless health circumstances degrade such that local governance or CDC rules prohibit all group settings.

The program also accepts online video submissions. You can find out about online submissions here: Audition Guidelines

You can download application forms by clicking on the Application Forms tab on this page.  Audition Application


As part of Summer Dance Lab’s Covid preparedness for upcoming in-person auditions, the program will be following local CDC guidelines, and host studio’s requirements for all visitors to their studios. Some studios have vaccination requirements. Please check the requirements of the studio that you are visiting for an audition for that studio’s Covid safety protocols. In some instances, in accordance with that particular studios request, we will need to verify vaccination status with presentation of vaccine card and identification at the time of the audition.


Summer Dance Lab at Whitman College will require that all students be fully vaccinated in order to attend the SDL summer session. A person is considered fully vaccinated against Covid-19 two weeks after receipt of the second dose per the vaccine, or after the first dose per the vaccine that applies to a single dose designation. The safety and well-being of students, families, and the SDL community is our top priority. We look to follow the guidelines of public health professionals in order to insure the safest environment for all participants to the Lab’s 2022 program.

"I felt proud to show off what SDL had made me..." SDL Alum, Erin Kalb

Summer Dance Lab is a two, three and five week intensive program focused on developing well rounded dancers who have the proper depth of training and experience. SDL will prepare dancers for a sustained career with the tools that will enable them to meet the demands of an ever changing dance world.

Contact us: 509-386-0448,  sdl@whitman.edu 

DVDs AVailable, click here for more information

Enjoy exploring the site. You can find more information about SDL, Walla Walla, the Whitman campus and more. 

The Summer Dance Lab program is not directly affiliated with the Theatre and Dance Department at Whitman College.

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