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September 27, 2023: COVID-19 Protocol Update

In order to better align with current CDC recommendations, Whitman College will no longer require students in isolation for COVID-19 to test negative prior to being released from isolation. Instead, students who have had substantial improvement in their symptoms or who are asymptomatic, will be released after day five without further re-testing. Upon release, students will be expected to wear a mask through the end of day 10. Students who are still demonstrating symptoms are welcome to stay in isolation past day five.

As a reminder, faculty and staff who have tested positive for COVID-19 should follow similar isolation guidance in their own homes. If an employee is symptomatic they should stay home and test for COVID-19. If the test is negative they should return to work. If the test is positive, the employee should isolate for five days. After day five, an employee should return to work if symptoms are improving and they have been fever free for 24 hours. Upon returning to work, employees should wear a mask through the end of day 10.  

While this is the general guidance, we understand that everyone responds to the virus differently. Employees and students who have questions or concerns should consult with their doctor or health care provider.

Please note: day zero is the first day of symptoms or the first day of a positive COVID-19 test. 

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