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September 22, 2023: COVID-19 Update

After several weeks of dozens of students reporting positive COVID-19 tests, there has been a dip in positive cases this week. As of 9 a.m. Friday, seven students have reported positive COVID-19 tests. That is a significant drop from 30 cases reported last week and 32 reported cases the week before. Currently, five rooms of isolation housing are in use.

While there are no plans to regularly report COVID-19 cases in Whitman Today, staff at the Welty Health Center as well as college leadership are monitoring COVID trends closely and will communicate with the campus community as needed.

Thank you to all those taking extra precautions to help keep our community safe. We encourage community members to continue to pay attention to how you are feeling, stay home if you are sick, wash your hands frequently and get flu and COVID-19 vaccines. Information about campus vaccine clinics will be forthcoming.

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