As we informed all students in an email sent April 23, 2021 as well as in multiple follow-up emails, being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 is required for all students taking classes at Whitman for the 2021-22 academic year. Any student who does not submit proof of completing the vaccination process prior to arriving at Whitman will not be allowed on campus.

If you are not yet vaccinated, you should begin this process as soon as possible, as it may take up to six weeks to be fully vaccinated depending on the type of vaccine you receive. 

If you are unable to receive a vaccination before the fall semester due to lack of availability in your current location, please reach out to Greg Lecki via phone (1-509-527-5005) or email ( Students who are unable to obtain a COVID vaccination in their community before coming to campus will be given quarantine housing, assuming that they agree to work with the college to be vaccinated as soon as possible. 

If you are already vaccinated with all the doses required based on the type of vaccine you received, please upload a photo or scan of your vaccination card showing your name, the type of vaccine and dates of doses in the COVID-19 Vaccination Reporting Form. Whitman recognizes all COVID-19 vaccines approved for use by the World Health Organization. If the type of vaccine you receive is not listed on the COVID-19 Vaccination Reporting Form, please contact for additional instructions.

If you have any questions about the policy or need assistance providing proof of vaccination, please reach out to members of the Coronavirus Task Force at

Review Whitman’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy, effective August 1, 2021.