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Business Office Forms and Files

Standard Forms file - This excel file combines our most frequently used forms in one handy place. Please note that each form is on a separate tab.

If you're looking for something else, please use the list below.

Journal Entry Form

Journal Entry Instructions

Accounts Payable

Direct Deposit - Payroll - Students may also use this form to receive refunds from their Student Account electronically.

Performance Contract (New 09.05.2022)

Personal Services Contract (New 09.05.2022)

Travel Advance

Travel, Meals, and Entertainment Expense

Vendor Payment (New 10.2022)

Vendor Payment via Wire Transfer

W-8BEN for International Vendors

W-9 - You can also download this form and it's instructions from irs.gov.

Whitman College Credit App

Whitman College W-9


Direct Deposit  - Get your money faster! Have us put your paycheck right into your account by filling out this form.

Gift Card Reporting Form - Gift cards and non-cash gifts are considered taxable income. If you've given a gift card or a non-cash gift to a student, staff or faculty member of Whitman College, or a non-Whitman community member, please review the Gift Card Reporting Form, the reporting requirements and fill out if applicable. If you've given a gift card to a research participant, please review the Gift Card and Research Participant Compensation Policy and submit the Report of Whitman Research Participant Compensation instead of the Gift Card Reporting form. Please contact Payroll if you have any questions.

I-9 Acceptable ID List - you can also find this list on irs.gov.

Stipend Form - Due to payroll by the 15th of the month.

Student Payroll

Student Accounts

Substitute W-9S Form, to provide us your SSN or ITIN.

Student Authorization to Apply Payroll to Student Account, to have part/all of your paycheck applied as a payment on your account.

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