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October 13, 2021 - Learning Journeys

For Whitman's faculty and staff, continuous professional development and learning around diversity, equity, inclusion and antiracism (DEIA) is a necessary element for inclusive excellence. In the last 18 months, there has been a sizable increase in the volume of free online DEIA resources. While not all equal in quality, there are some exceptional resources available that can contribute to your DEIA competencies, no matter where you are on your learning journey. Consider checking out The Next Question Show, a web series that engages leading voices on critical topics of racial justice in America. Take some time to explore the City Arts & Lectures YouTube channel and watch an interview featuring a thought leader in disability justice or a discussion about masculinity and sex. Sign up for the free edX course on Inclusive Teaching

The Division of Diversity and Inclusion is working to seek out, develop and provide the Whitman community with a broad array of resources that can contribute to the growth of our collective DEIA capacity. A number of resources for independent learning are currently available on the college’s DEI website. On the Anti-Racism Resources page, you will find definitions for key terms and concepts connected to social justice and a curated collection of articles, books and videos. Throughout the semester, we will be updating and expanding the list of resources and would encourage everyone to dedicate some time each week to engage with a different resource and enhance their awareness in this area. 

An inclusive Whitman requires all of us. While we may all be busy with our different roles and responsibilities, our actions, decisions, comments and essentially all of our workplace behaviors impact the campus climate. Take the time to develop your knowledge, awareness and skills related to DEIA. The resources are there. What are you waiting for?

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