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March 30, 2022 Ramadan Mubarak

With Ramadan (the most sacred time in Islam) less than a week away, a cohort of students from Whitman’s Muslim Student Association (MSA) traveled to the Islamic Center of the Tri-Cities (ICTC) for prayer and meetings with leaders from the mosque. ICTC serves Muslims from close to 30 countries, which mirrors the international diversity present within Whitman’s Muslim community. The students were warmly received and encouraged to return to participate in the many offerings of the mosque, especially during Ramadan.

Whitman’s Muslim community has never been stronger with over 30 students on the MSA list, many of whom will be observing the month-long Ramadan fast that will begin at the end of the week. Those observing the fast consume their morning meal (suhur) before the sun rises, and they are to abstain from food and water until they break their fast with a meal (iftar) at sunset. Ramadan is a time of important religious obligation, but also a time for charity and celebration of family and friends within the community. Learn more about Ramadan here.

Most Muslims at Whitman come from places where Ramadan is central in the lives of everyone they know. It can be uniquely challenging to navigate this important time when surrounded by others who aren’t aware of their experience. The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life invites all of Whitman to seek ways to support these students and raise the visibility of an important part of our community. Ramadan Mubarak (Blessed Ramadan), Muslim Whitties!

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