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December 7, 2022: Community Learning Days

From Dr. John Johnson, vice president for diversity and inclusion:

The Spring semester will begin with valuable DEIA learning opportunities. In January of 2023, Whitman will host two outstanding scholars who will be providing valuable content and contributing to our collective growth. Last month, we announced the special professional learning event with Dr. Kathy Obear scheduled for January 13 and 14. In addition to Obear’s workshop, the lineup for Community Learning Days will also include two workshops on January 11 by Dr. Rema Reynolds.

Dr. Reynolds holds a Ph.D. in urban education from UCLA, is a professor of education leadership and policy studies at Wayne State University, and serves on the Michigan State University system Board of Trustees. Reynolds will facilitate a morning workshop on inclusive pedagogy that will provide faculty with tangible strategies they can deploy in their classrooms to advance equity, inclusion, antiracism and student engagement. Reynolds will also provide an afternoon workshop centering the needs and concerns of staff of color and focused on strategies to navigate a white-controlled academic institution, with consideration for how best to manage their bandwidth, maintain their boundaries and advocate for the recognition of their full humanity.

We are excited to host these two exceptional and engaging scholars and will kick off 2023 with a focus on advancing inclusive excellence.

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