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HJT 50 years

Happy days were here again when actors, professors and friends of Harper Joy Theatre reunited in April 2010 to celebrate HJT’s 50th anniversary. The weekend drew more than 130 alumni who shared fond memories of their theater years. Former HJT actors and crew members, along with family and friends who joined in the fun, made many new memories, too. See more photos in the Harper Joy Theatre Reunion Photo Gallery

Discussion Alumni theater professionals present a panel discussion about their roles in the industry. From left to right: actor, Jimmy Maize ’02; playwright and director, Nagle Jackson ’58; arts administrator, Millie Mitchell ’75; actor, Mark Chamberlin ’77; stage manager, Cornelia Neil Twitchell ’74; lighting designer, Steve Carlson ’74; Seattle Center manager, Patty Mathieu ’83; theater technology, Duncan MacKenzie ’70; and Broadway manager, Frank Lott ’83. The reunion also featured the West Coast premiere of Jackson’s play “Kafka in the Wings.”

Posters Jack Freimann, former longtime HJT director, talks to a crowd gathered for the opening of the Jack Freimann Poster Collection Exhibition in the Fouts Center for Visual Arts.

Anything Goes Terry McConn ’74 and Mary Zoe Niklas ’75 perform a number from “Anything Goes” at the Social and Piano Bar.

Alumni Morgan Murphy ’89, Parke Thomas ’79 and Kendall Tieck ’74 entertain the crowd at the social. Tieck and Murphy were reunion co-chairs.

Simon Also at the social, Nancy Simon ’63, current HJT director, draws a round of applause.

Piano bar (Left to right) Sandra Gassner Stoops ’72, Roger Pierson ’72, Cleve Larson ’71 and Jan Salisbury ’72 join in the singing at the piano bar.

Reunion ROW 1: Joan Miller Stevens ’52, Jeannette Jackson Murphy ’55, Morgan Murphy ’89, Nancy Huff Wolfe ’56, Nancy Simon ’63, John Freimann, Deborah Holmes, Glenn Nielsen, Wendy Woolery ’73, Margie Boulé ’73, Eve Tieck, Kendall Tieck ’74, Carla Brinkley ’76. ROW 2: Daniel Fonken ’91, Timothy McCracken ’91, Tracy Dethlefs ’91, Robert Boose ’87, John Moe ’90, Scott Reed ’89, Brian R. Wilson ’89, Joanne Allen Branch ’64, Linnea Hartford Patrick ’66, Cornelia “Corrie” Duryee Moore ’82, Janelle Keane Campoverde ’81, Deborah Leitner ’78, Karen Nelson Howe ’78, Bruce Easter ’79, Keith Dahlgren ’78, Kerin Kennedy Dahlgren ’77, Jason Howard ’75, Becky Dobbins ’91 and Porter James Kiblinger (baby), Charles Kiblinger, Maniah Smith (child, front), Magi Loucks, Dana Moran Williams ’84, Michael Smith, Janet Saunders Smith ’78. ROW 3: (Half a row, begins behind Scott Reed) Kathleen Schlemmer ’01, Ron DeLay ’71, Mary Zoe Dimock Niklas ’75, Alice Cunningham Kane ’87, Jan Dronberger Cherry ’74, Beth McHugh ’87, Michael Flannery ’76, Dean Lynch, Maura Walsh ’78, Anders Bolang ’80, Ken Higgins, Jennifer Lund ’95, Lucy Peckham ’83, Jacquelyn “Jae” Helen Corwin Cohen ’61, Patty Mathieu ’83, Frank Lott ’83, Destinee Sutton ’04, Wilma A. Eiseman ’83, Sarah Mixon ’80, Janet Powers Sears ’61, Mike Callaway ’81, Judith Hartford Cosby ’75. ROW 4: Jason Kanda ’95, Maria Joy ’94, Teresa Molitor ’94, Peter Newland ’67, Max Wall ’00, Jan Salisbury ’72, Steven Carlson ’74, David Niklas ’74, Merridee Hobkirk Holdsworth ’54, Chris Clark VanDoren ’72, Christenia Alden-Kinne ’72, Cornelia “Neil” Twitchell ’74, Kevin Loomer ’84, Liz Paulus ’84, R. Duncan Mackenzie ’70, Katie Floyd ’98, Gloria G. Mackenzie, Cleve Larson ’71, Darrell Miller ’04, Roger Pierson ’72, Nathan LeRud ’04, Max Reichlin ’05, Steven Smith ’78. ROW 5: Shauna Lilly Bogley ’83, Diane Lilly May ’71, Bill Starr ’74, Regina Daniels Butler ’75, Kathy Smith Starr ’74, Sherry Fletcher McConn ’74, Terry McConn ’74, Tamsin Sarich, Clark Youmans ’92, Jessica Nikkel ’02, Kevin Rittner ’02, Cy Eaton ’02, Aaron Bank ’01, Ellen Whitlock Baker ’01, Lezlie Cross ’02, Jimmy Maize ’02, Sara Edwards ’00, Melanie McQueen Stein, Eric Stein ’97, Anthony Detrano ’98 and Juniper Floyd Detrano (baby), Matt Deegan ’99, Michael Barrett Austin ’00, Stacey Bush ’98, Carrie Jensen Posey ’96, Nagle Jackson ’58, Marta Olson ’05, Valerie Brunetto ’06, John Stoops ’72, Frank Morral ’59. ROW 6: (Half row, ending behind Ellen Whitlock Baker ’01) Jim Michelson ’83, Dean Bethmann ’82, Mary Ann Marshall-Wright ’83, Sandy McDade ’74, Tina Kunz Rowley ’90, Carolyn Waddle Almos ’90, Kristen Martha Brown ’93, Andi Soeteber Manion ’93, Dan Vhay ’93, Blake Adams ’02, Kate Ratcliffe ’00, Tyler Stoops ’02. ROW 7: Ardeth Kiraly Erikson ’01 and Evy Erikson (baby), Hollis Erikson ’99, Cheryl Rice, Jim Rice ’72, Bob Bell ’70, Gretchen Beilstein Ramey ’75, Clarissa Ramey, Millie Mitchell ’75, Timothy L. Ramey ’73, Joel Brozovsky ’74, Linda Wellsandt Howell ’63, Mary Metastasio ’73, Carol Kangas Kaufman ’74, Chris Maxfield ’85, Lisa Anne Rasmussen ’86, Betsy McGoodwin Chamberlin ’77, Mark Chamberlin ’77, Bob Coleman ’77, Jennifer Brown Coleman ’78, Heather Roberts ’80, Sayra Miller Boerner ’00, Rachel Melcher ’00, Jacob Crouch ’99, D. Douglas Titus ’68, Christina Mastin ’84, Brian Sheridan ’00, Laurie Utterback ’85, Ruth Burr ’05, Charles Gardner ’04, Amy Weller ’05, Andrew Elmore ’05, Charlotte Haws ’05, Linda Osborn ’69.

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