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Whitman History 101

Subject: The Theater

How much do you know about the history of theater at Whitman? Test your knowledge.

1. The Whitman Theatre was renamed in 1967 to honor what former longtime trustee?

McCaw bldg fire2. In what year was the current theater built and why was a new building needed?

(Here’s a clue to help identify the year: The building will actually be more than 50 years old when the alumni office hosts “A Half Century of Harper Joy Theatre” reunion April 23-25, 2010.)

Nancy Simon
3. Nancy Simon ’63 has been the director of HJT since 1992. Name her predecessors.


4. What production staged at HJT this spring has been presented at least twice before?

Dirk Benedict
Which is correct: 1966 or 1987?

5. When was the most recent major renovation of the theater?

Historical information from G. Thomas Edwards’ “Tradition in a Turbulent Age: Whitman College 1925-1975” and Harper Joy Theatre Director Nancy Simon ’63. Edwards is the William Kirkman professor emeritus of history. Historical photos courtesy of the Whitman College and Northwest Archives.

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