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Faculty/Staff Advisory Committees

Art Advisory Committee

The function of this Committee is to evaluate and make recommendations regarding proposals, gifts, and the placement of significant additions to the College's art collection, most specifically Whitman's campus sculpture collection. The AAC is also in charge of making direct acquisitions to enhance/expand the campus sculpture collection through the use of the Gaiser Art Endowment.

Current Committee Members

  • Charles Timm-Ballard
  • Chris Petit
  • Daniel Forbes
  • Kynde Kiefel, chair
  • Libby Miller
  • Lisa Anderson
  • Matt Reynolds
  • Peter Harvey
  • Rachna Sinnott
  • Tony Ichsan

Staff Fringe Benefits Committee

This committee reviews existing employee benefit programs and makes recommendations to the President's Council for the improvement, addition or deletion of programs. As a regular part of its work, the committee will review the cost, utilization and efficacy of the health programs specifically, and other employee welfare programs generally. Committee members meet monthly and serve 2-year terms, with a maximum of four years of service.

SFBC committee members and meeting information

Sustainability Advisory Committee

The mission of this committee is to promote a respect for and commitment to environmental awareness and responsibility within the Whitman College community. This dedicated group of faculty, staff, and students meets monthly to develop a direction for an increased commitment to sustainability campus-wide.

Sustainability Advisory Committee members and meeting information

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