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Off-Campus Studies can help BBMB students…

  • Develop a global perspective

How does a semester or year of OCS help students in BBMB prepare for graduate school or various career opportunities? 

  • Provides broader opportunities for fulfilling distribution requirements
  • Aids in foreign language acquisition and intercultural competence
  • Broadens the student’s knowledge of scientific questions and the breadth of investigators addressing those problems
  • Could bring greater awareness of global health issues
  • Can provide insights into alternative healthcare systems

BBMB is a highly structured major with many requirements. At this time students are able to participate in OCS in either the Fall or Spring semesters of the 3rd year.

The following courses must be completed before your semester of OCS:

  • CHEM 125/126 General Chemistry or CHEM 140 Adv. General Chemistry
  • MATH 125 Calculus 1 [if not completed in high school]
  • MATH 126 Calculus 2 [if not completed in high school]
  • MATH 225 Calculus 3
  • BIOL 111 Biological Principles
  • BIOL 205 Genetics
  • CHEM 245 Organic Chemistry I + Lab
  • CHEM 246 Organic Chemistry II + Lab
  • PHYS 145 or PHYS 155 [PHYS 155 is offered only in spring!]
  • PHYS 156 General Physics I [offered only in fall!]

Note: Students who wish to go abroad in the fall semester of their junior year must start introductory Physics in the spring of their 1st year, or take it over the summer at another institution.

Which requirements can BBMB majors fulfill while off campus?

  • General Studies distribution credit
  • General degree credit
  • Elective major credit
  • Research that can later be used for Senior thesis
  • Core courses in the major: BBMB 324 Biophysics, BBMB 325 Biochemistry, BBMB 326 Molecular Biology

Notes: Equivalent core courses are only available at a few OCS sites. Please confer with the BBMB faculty. Courses that are pre-health requirements should not be taken during OCS.

Major Credit Limitations

  • The maximum number of credits that can be applied to the BBMB major from off campus studies is 8 credits with the approval of your major adviser.

What are the types of OCS programs recommended by the BBMB department?

  • Direct enrollment in a foreign university with local students for specialized science lab work that augments lab courses available at Whitman
  • Field study program with opportunities to engage in research with the local community
  • Program that offers an opportunity for independent study research
  • Any study abroad program that provides an opportunity to fulfill distribution requirements in the humanities, arts, or social sciences.

Which Partner Programs are recommended by the BBMB Department?

  • DIS Copenhagen (Denmark) or DIS Stockholm (Sweden) for programs in biomedicine, medical practice/policy, neuroscience, and public health
  • IES: London Health Practice & Policy (London, England)
  • IES: Queen Mary, University of London (London, England)
  • IFSA: University of Melbourne Partnership (Melbourne, Australia)
  • SIT: South Africa Community Health and Social Policy (Durban, South Africa)
  • University of Otago (Dunedin, New Zealand)
  • University of St Andrews (St Andrews, Scotland)

Students interested in Off-Campus Studies should attend an OCS First Step meeting in the fall of their second year, discuss their interests with their major adviser, and schedule an appointment with an OCS adviser.

Office Information
  • Memorial Building 205
    345 Boyer Ave.
    Walla Walla, WA 99362
  • Email or Call to Schedule a Virtual Advising Appt.
  • 509-527-4992
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