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Maintaining ASWC Recognition

  1. Uphold and abide by the ASWC Constitution and by-laws.
  2. Uphold and abide by the club constitution,by-laws and or guidelines.
  3. Hold annual elections for offices as stipulated in your club constitution.
  4. Have Budget Manager and President attend required training in the fall.
  5. Have a member of your club attend one Town Hall meeting each semester, and all other required meetings and trainings which may arise throughout the semester.
  6. Submit the Club Registration Form in April for the upcoming school year.  The link to this form will be e-mailed to the club president. Clubs failing to submit this form by the date specified will lose ASWC funding and associated benefits.  The form can also be accessed directly on the Student Activities website.
  7. Indicate ASWC sponsorship on all publications which tell of an ASWC funded activity or event, including informational brochures, advertisements of any kind, and posters or handouts.
  8. Publicize all information regarding group activities, including but not limited to meetings, gatherings, events and activities associated with the club.
  9. Abide by Whitman College policies and procedures for activities and events sponsored by the club.  For more information, visit the Student Activities Office in Reid 202. 

Loss of ASWC Recognition

A club will lose ASWC recognition automatically if:

  • The club fails to send a representative to one Town Hall meeting each semester.
  • The club fails to file a Recognition Update Form by the date specified.
  • The club fails to have the Budget Manager and President complete fall training.
  • The club fails to submit a budget proposal in the Spring for the following academic year.

A club may have its ASWC recognition revoked by a Senate vote in the case that it finds that a club’s practices or mission violate the ASWC Constitution and/or by-laws.  If this should be the case, the following procedure will take place:

  • A complaint will be filed with the Oversight Committee.
  • The Oversight Committee will investigate the claims made in the complaint and present its findings to the Senate.
  • If the Oversight Committee recommends that a club lose recognition, the Senate may vote to revoke recognition by a two-thirds (2/3) vote following a seven day waiting period.

Should your club lose ASWC recognition:

  • All funds remaining in the group’s account will be transferred to the ASWC Contingency Fund.
  • The club may re-apply for recognition in the subsequent semester by following the procedures for starting a new club.  
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