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Leadership Transitions

The Student Activities Office can assist you in identifying useful information to pass on to the incoming officers of your organization.

  1. Create a transition binder and/or webpage containing key information for new officers. Binders can be maintained throughout the year, to prevent vital information from being lost. Suggested information to include.
    • Contact information for old and new officers, adviser(s), and, if possible, members
    • Copy of current constitution
    • A brief history of the organization, its purpose, and major past projects and events including timelines
    • Account information and passwords
    • Financial information with a copy of the organization's current budget and samples of the most commonly used financial forms
    • Meeting agendas and minutes
    • Electronic files with organizational documents
    • If your organization is a part of a national or statewide organization, include that organization's relevant information. This applies to fraternities, sororities, some public service organizations and some religious groups, among others.
  2. Consider timing of officer elections to allow for adequate transition time (at least one month).
  3. Have new officers attend the Club Leadership Symposium in the fall or meet with the Student Activities Office.
  4. Hold a new officers training workshop for the old officers to train the new officers on duties and responsibilities of the position.
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