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SFBC Minutes - March 9, 2016

Members present: Maggi Banderas (Chair), Bill Duncan, Stacey Giusti, Kristen Healy, Claudia Ness, Amber Pope, and Kyle Singer
Members Absent: Alexandra Jordan
Guests: Dennis Hopwood


Minutes of the December 10, 2015 Staff Fringe Benefits Committee meeting were approved as posted.

Old business:

  • The urgent care information was distributed via The Fountain and all members thought it was done very nicely and would be helpful to the campus community.

  • Dennis Hopwood, Director of Human Resources, visited with the committee regarding the shared leave plan. The committee was especially interested in the requirement that anyone wishing to contribute to the shared leave plan must have banked 80 hours of sick leave and also 80 hours of vacation. Dennis explained that this was to safeguard people so that they had adequate sick leave and vacation to maintain a healthy balance. Any change to these rules would require approval from the President's Cabinet.  
  • The committee presented ideas for improving the contributions to the shared leave plan as follows:    
    • Change the number of required sick leave and vacation hours (80 each) for contributing to shared leave. Would it be possible to have the number of hours remain at 160 but have that be any combination of sick leave and vacation hours.  
    • The ability to auto deposit a certain number of hours each pay period to shared leave, much the same as electronically depositing a paycheck to the bank.  
    • Automatically depositing any hours in excess of the 480 allowable banked sick leave hours each pay period.  
  • Dennis will look into these options and report back to the committee. He also would like to put together a semi-annual report of shared leave to send out to staff and faculty.

New business:

  • The committee discussed the investment changes that the Faculty & Staff Fringe Benefits Committee approved previously. It was our recollection that staff and faculty were to have meetings held to explain these changes or at least have information distributed regarding the changes. Maggi will talk with Human Resources about this matter and report back to the committee.

Next meeting: Thursday, May 12th, 2016 at 1:15 p.m. (2nd Thursday's of each month)

Minutes recorded by Stacey Giusti

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