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Sexual Assault

Emotional Support:  One of the most important actions to take following a sexual assault is to find someone who can provide you with emotional support.  Once you feel that you are listened to and supported, other decisions are easier to make.  Choose someone who will support and respect your decisions.

Medical Attention:  Seek medical attention as soon as possible.  Prompt medical attention may prevent unwanted pregnancy; STD’s and detects hidden injuries.  Additionally, evidence can be gathered at this time for use in the future should you decide to press charges/ do not bathe, or shower prior to seeking medical attention.  It is also helpful to maintain any articles that could be used as evidence, such as clothing, by placing them in separate bags.

Reporting:  Report sexual assaults to any of the following:

    Police- dial 911
    Security – dial 527-5777
    Welty Health Center – dial 527-5295
    Counseling Center – 527-5195
    YWCA Sexual Assault Center – (24-hour confidential crisis services) 509-529-9922
    Barbara Maxwell, Sexual Misconduct Response Coordinator 509-527-5208
    Chuck Cleveland – Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students
    Julia Dunn – Senior Associate Dean of Students, Judicial Coordinator 509-527-5213

The Sexual Misconduct Report Form is an anonymous, confidential way to report incidents of sexual misconduct.  These forms are available in locations across campus or online here.

Completed forms will be maintained in a secure, confidential file.

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