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When To Refer Students To The Counseling Center

Here are some guidelines that may help you determine when a particular student’s problem would warrant a referral to the Counseling Center.

  • A student presents a problem or requests information that is outside your range of knowledge.
  • You feel that personality differences between you and the student will interfere with your ability to help the student.
  • You feel uncomfortable dealing with the issue or problem.
  • A student is hesitant to discuss a problem with you.
  • You do not feel that your attempts to help the student have been effective.
  • You lack adequate time to listen effectively to the student.
  • A student is becoming too dependent upon you.
Whenever students show an interest in talking to someone about their concerns you can suggest speaking to a counselor as one of his/her options. Some students will willingly consider your advice and come to the Counseling Center. Sometimes students feel their problems must be extreme in order to receive counseling. This is not true. It is better to deal with concerns before they become more serious.
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