Personal and psychological counseling by professionally trained counselors is available to all students at no charge. Counselors assist individuals and groups with personal and academic concerns, career choices, interpersonal relationships, and other areas of concern or interest. A variety of personal growth opportunities is offered, including workshops and programs on listening and communication skills, stress management, and assertiveness training. There is also a professionally supervised peer counseling program on campus as well as the Stuart Religious Counselor. All counseling is completely confidential.

The Counseling Center provides:

  • Individual, confidential counseling for students experiencing stress, depression, homesickness, family and relationship problems, eating disorders, loneliness, sexual assault and harassment, questions regarding sexual orientation, and problems with alcohol and drugs.
  • Group counseling. Groups are frequently offered to deal with, women’s sexuality, body image and food issues, and other areas of concern.
  • Workshops on topics such as self-esteem, hypnosis, body image, and communication.
  • A resource library of self-help books, handouts, audio and videotapes available for check out.
  • Consultation with students, faculty, and staff when they are concerned about emotional and behavioral problems.
  • Referrals to community resources — psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and other therapeutic programs.
  • Open hours. There are times when a student needs to be seen within a day’s time rather than waiting several days for an appointment. We have a daily open hour for this purpose. To use this time, students need to call the Counseling Center in the morning to schedule an appointment during this open hour.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Light. The Counseling Center has a SAD light available for use in its resource library.