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How To Refer

  • Become familiar with the Counseling Center staff. This will increase your comfort in making referrals.
  • Be open with the student and state your concern. Make it clear to the student that your recommendation represents your best judgment based on your evaluation of his/her particular problem(s).
  • Anticipate the student’s concerns and fears about seeking counseling and be prepared to address them.
  • State your own limitations. Explain that you care about him/her and you want to maintain contact with the student, however, you feel that members of the Counseling Center staff are better able to assist students with such matters.
  • Don’t worry about a referral being seen as an over-reaction. It is better to err on the side of caution and let the center make the assessment of the situation.
  • Except in emergencies, the option must be left open to the student to accept or refuse counseling.
  • Give the student assurance that everything at the Counseling Center is confidential, including the fact that he/she even came in. Explain to the student that it’s okay to come for one visit to discuss questions or concerns about being in counseling and that the decision to stop counseling is his/hers alone.
  • If the student agrees to the referral, offer them the use of your phone to call the Counseling Center at that time to make an appointment. Or, offer to make the call on behalf of the student to help arrange an appointment.
  • Perhaps offer to come to the Counseling Center with the student or suggest that he/she bring a friend if they are reticent to come to an appointment alone. This often helps him/her feel more at ease.
  • Follow up with the student at a later date to show your continued interest and support of his/her well being even if he/she did not accept your attempted referral.

The Counseling Center is located in the Welty Center at the corner of Merriam and Boyer. Our phone number is 527-5195. Our administrative assistant will assist you or the student in setting up an appointment or you may ask to speak to one of the counselors if they are available.

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