• Thacher Carter, Psy.D, MSW

    Thacher Carter, Psy.D, MSW

    Associate Dean of Health and Wellness, Director of Counseling

    All in all I have over 35 years of clinical practice experience. I worked 15 years at Denver Health and Hospitals starting in 1977. I obtained my Masters in Clinical Social Work from the University of Denver in 1982 and worked in community mental health for about 13 years. In addition I had a private practice in Denver working with adults and couples. I earned my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 1993 and was the Director of Counseling and Psychological Services at Eastern Oregon University for 19 years. I am honored to be at Whitman College as the Associate Dean of Health and Wellness/ Director of Counseling. I enjoy working with a variety of issues and populations: trauma, developmental issues, depression, anxiety, couples and groups. I am both a Clinical Social Work and a licensed Clinical Psychologist. In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors (skiing, hiking etc.), racquetball, being with my family and playing acoustic finger style blues guitar.

  • Tracee L. Anderson, LCSW

    Tracee L. Anderson, LCSW

    Counselor and Assistant Director

    I completed my MSW at UCLA and have been at Whitman since 1992. Prior to coming to Whitman, I worked in education and medical settings, primarily focusing on youth and women's health. I speak Spanish and French semi-fluently and have done extensive travel and work in numerous SE Asian, African, Latin American and European countries. As well as doing general counseling, I am also certified as an EMDR therapist. I like to combine a direct, practical approach with a philosophical/clinical orientation in my work and love the energy, passion and thoughtfulness of the college student population at Whitman.

  • Sharon Kaufman-Osborn, LCSW

    Sharon Kaufman-Osborn, LCSW


    Since receiving my B.A. degree in Psychology at Oberlin College (1976) and my M.S.W. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1979), I have spent most of my professional career working with individuals, couples and groups at Whitman's Counseling Center. I have been involved with Whitman's GLBTQ, its Jewish student group (Hillel-Shalom) and campus feminist groups. It is a gift to work with students as they grow and explore during their college years. Using a variety of approaches, integrating mindfulness, humor, directness, and a balance between past history and the present, I support students' strengths and self-care as we work through the challenges that bring them to counseling, such as relationship difficulties, struggling self-esteem, anxiety, depression, family issues, and addictions. I enjoy facilitating campus discussions about sexuality, body image, race, gender, cultural influences, and interpersonal relationships. In my spare time, I take great pleasure in traveling, creative arts, gardening and remaining in touch with my friends, family and first grandchild.

  • Marie Metheny, LMHC

    Marie Metheny, LMHC


    I earned my M.A. in Clinical Psychology from New College of California, San Francisco and my B.A. in Women's Studies and Counseling from San Francisco State University. I have worked at Whitman College as a Master's level Mental Health Counselor for over 10 years. Before joining the counseling staff, I worked in a variety of community mental health settings, as well as kept a part-time private practice primarily focusing on psychodynamic work with individuals. I thoroughly enjoy working as a psychotherapist with Whitman College students. The broad range of developmental issues and mental health concerns students want to address allows me to work in a variety of ways. Generally, I utilize a psychodynamic or cognitive approach, with a focus on somatic awareness. In addition to counseling, I advise Whitman College Peer Listeners.

  • Rick Baez, Psy.D.

    Rick Baez, Psy.D.


    I obtained my master's and doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology at Azusa Pacific University in Southern California. I have worked in a variety of mental health settings including another private liberal arts college in the Midwest. I really love working with the student college population and some of my clinical interests include relational dynamics and issues of diversity. For example, I am passionate about issues of gender, sexuality, SES, race & culture, faith and the other dynamic forces that make each of us unique and connected.

  • Karene Gonzalez

    Karene Gonzalez

    Administrative Assistant

    I joined Whitman College's Counseling Center in the spring of 2011, following a 15-year career in marketing. As the Counseling Center's Administrative Assistant, I am charged with greeting and assisting students as well as managing the front office. In my spare time, I enjoy going to the family property to hike and play by the river as well as having coffee with friends at the beloved Patisserie.

  • Louie



    I grew up as a free range schnoodle on Mount Emily in La Grande Oregon. After being a hand-delivered pup by Dr. Carter, I initially was given away to a 10-year-old girl who very much wanted to have a dog. Unfortunately, six months after my adoption, I was returned to my birthplace. Upon my arrival, I was malnourished and quite skittish. My owner and trainer (Dr. Carter), being a clinical psychologist, thought that I would benefit from desensitization/exposure and relaxation training. So, I attended a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder conference with him where I sat at the entrance for two days and was greeted by 300 therapists who petted me and gave me corrective emotional experiences several times a day. Dr. Carter then began to take me to work with him and let me be free range at the Counseling and Health Center at Eastern Oregon University. At 6 years old now, I believe I'm quite well-adjusted and enjoy being petted by students, hanging out with them or lounging by a sunny window. I live at home with my mother and father, a schnauzer and a poodle (and Dr. Carter too! He feeds us.). And, in case you're wondering, I don't bite, I am hypoallergenic and I don't shed.