• Rae Chresfield

    Rae Chresfield

    Associate Dean of Health and Wellness, Ph.D., LPC, NCC

  • Patrick Lincoln

    Patrick Lincoln

    Mental Health Counselor, EdS, LMHC

    I received my MA and EdS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling back in my home state of Virginia, at James Madison University, and have worked in a variety of community and residential settings as a counselor since.  I work from the awareness that each of our brains is on a basic mission: to find safety, so that they can grow and develop; so that the mind can flourish, and find what neuroscientist Dr. Jaak Panksepp called a joyous lightness of being.  As humans, the significant thing, is that this safety is found first and foremost through social connection.  As such, I see my work as a counselor being to enhance our intentional and meaningful connection, with our embodied selves, others, and the world around us. We are relational creatures, and if we can remove what’s getting in the way of affirming relationships the seed of development within us will grow.  I am trained in a variety of Evidence-Based Practices, most significantly EMDR, and am fluently bilingual Spanish/English.  I strive to practice in a way that is neuroscience-informed, relationally authentic, and experiential (it’s not all talk).  I am excited to be here at Whitman College, and to contribute to this unique community of learners.

  • Marie Metheny, LMHC

    Marie Metheny, LMHC

    Mental Health Counselor, LHMC

    I earned my M.A. in Clinical Psychology from New College of California, San Francisco and my B.A. in Women's Studies and Counseling from San Francisco State University. I have worked at Whitman College as a Master's level Mental Health Counselor for over 10 years. Before joining the counseling staff, I worked in a variety of community mental health settings, as well as kept a part-time private practice primarily focusing on psychodynamic work with individuals. I thoroughly enjoy working as a psychotherapist with Whitman College students. The broad range of developmental issues and mental health concerns students want to address allows me to work in a variety of ways. Generally, I utilize a psychodynamic or cognitive approach, with a focus on somatic awareness. In addition to counseling, I advise Whitman College Peer Listeners.

  • Deanna Ortiz

    Deanna Ortiz

    Mental Health Counselor, PhD, LMHC

    I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Eastern Oregon University and my Master’s degree in Counseling and Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Washington State University. I completed my PhD with a year-long doctoral internship at the University of Notre Dame.

    While I have run my own private practice in the past, I have worked primarily at college or university counseling centers. It is fun for me to really connect with and get to know students and help them through problems to flourish in school and beyond. The theories of counseling I draw from recognize that we all have strengths and inner wisdom that need to be teased out to give us the confidence to face life’s challenges. When we are in an environment of acceptance, genuineness, and respect, we find our strengths and open up our minds to new possibilities without fear. We learn about ourselves and our cultures that guide us. In counseling we learn new skills to use throughout our lives. 

  • Tricia Schulte

    Tricia Schulte

    Counselor, MA, MSW, LICSW

    In 2013/14 I completed my clinical internship at the Whitman counseling center, and have continued to work as a therapist on campus since finishing my Masters in Social Work at Walla Walla University in 2014. Prior to becoming a counselor, I trained and worked as a life coach, coaching individuals, conducting coaching workshops, and leadership development programs. In my work as a therapist with Whitman students, I use a combination of psychodynamic, trauma (EMDR), solution-focused and motivational interviewing modalities, as well as coaching strategies, such as values-based decision making and goal setting. My approach in working with students is to assist them to reflect on their particular challenges, identify therapeutic goals, explore their options, and manage barriers along the way. I believe that exercising agency and self-direction are the most effective way to engage in therapy (individual and group therapy) and create positive change in your relationships and quality of life. My work at Whitman has been the most enjoyable and fulfilling work of my career!

  • Brandon Weimer

    Brandon Weimer

    Counselor, MA, LMHCA, NCC

    I received my B.S. in Psychology from Weber State University and I am finishing up my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Antioch University. My previous counseling experience includes working in partial hospitalization treatment programs where I had the privilege of being part of a multidisciplinary team utilizing evidence-based practices to treat a wide-range of client challenges and complaints. I thoroughly enjoy working with people and I consider every individual as special, with identifiable strengths and qualities as well as challenges. I also enjoy exploring diverse problems from a perspective of possibilities and opportunities. As a clinician, I strive to bring an integrated and balanced combination of humanistic optimism and care and evidence-based practicality into individual, group, and family settings. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as an intern counselor at the Whitman Counseling Center and I look forward to working with students to collaboratively address the concerns and challenges that arise through academic pressures and the process of daily living.