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Warning Signs Of A Possible Problem

It’s common for all of us to act a little out of character at times. There are some behaviors which, when they occur repeatedly, may suggest more serious concerns.

It’s a good idea to be alert to the following:

  • The student may directly tell you he/she is having problems.
  • The student is missing more than a warranted number of classes.
  • The student comes to class, but is routinely inattentive. The student may sleep in class or stare into space.
  • You observe a noticeable change in a student’s mood. The student is unusually emotional, sad, tearful, irritable, excited, etc.
  • The student comes to class under the influence of alcohol or drugs or hung over.
  • The student exhibits a dramatic drop in academic performance.
  • The student complains of physical distress such as loss of appetite or excessive eating, insomnia or excessive sleeping, gastrointestinal distress, headaches, inability to concentrate, etc.
  • The student has made a suicide threat or attempt. A student may communicate this information directly or indirectly through written work.
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