• Abby Juhasz

    Abby Juhasz

    Assistant Director for Community Engagement


    As an Assistant Director for Community Engagement, I build relationships with community partners and mentor students who lead and volunteer with community engagement initiatives, such as the Adopt a Grandparent Program and the Buddy Program, among others. It is my intention that these volunteer experiences are mutually beneficial for the Whitman and Walla Walla communities. Through these opportunities, students learn about the Walla Walla Valley and themselves, serve as a member of the community, and reflect on who they are, while at the same time they contribute to our community partners’ capacity to meet the needs of the community.  I joined the Career and Community Engagement Center in 2012 and find this work to be a great blend of my experiences that stem from two decades of work in community engagement and education. I have a B.A. in Education and a M.A. in Educational Psychology, yet my most significant learning, and the experiences I draw upon most, come from relationships and community engagement experiences. When I was in college I had the opportunity to serve in a role similar to the community engagement program leader positions in the Center, so to me, it feels a bit like coming full circle to now serve as an advisor. I invite you to reach out to me to discuss and explore community engagement opportunities.

  • Jenny Stratton

    Jenny Stratton

    Administrative Assistant for Fellowships and Grants


    Hi! I joined the Office of Fellowships and Grants in late 2018.  Working alongside Keith Raether, I assist students in applying for nationally competitive fellowships, scholarships and grants.  In addition, I serve on the planning and organizing committee for the annual Whitman Undergraduate Conference.  My work in the Career and Community Engagement Center involves logistical facilitation of ongoing projects, data management, and proofreading proposals and applications.  I’ve called Walla Walla home since 2016 when I moved to town with my husband, John, a faculty member in Computer Science.  I have a background in plant biology, systematics and herbarium management, and I enjoy carrying over skills such as scientific writing and database administration to my work with the Undergraduate Conference and the Center.  In my spare time I also volunteer in the Whitman College Herbarium as a part-time assistant curator.  In fact, a few years ago I decided to self-title as “the Dead-Plant Lady,” an especially appropriate moniker given my work with dried, pressed plants in the college’s herbarium as well as my rather unfortunate luck with houseplants!

  • Keith Raether

    Keith Raether

    Director of Fellowships and Grants


    I came to Whitman 15 years ago after completing a mid-passage M.F.A. in the Writing Seminars program at Bennington College. For the past 13 years I’ve directed the Office of Fellowships and Grants at Whitman. Our purpose is three-dimensional. We assist Whitman students and alumni in their pursuit of national fellowships, scholarships and grants. We encourage their self-awareness and capacity for reflection. We pay close attention to their responsibility to think deeply about others; in short, to put themselves in the other’s shoes. Curiosity is the way in and way through. To borrow from Walker Percy: “To become aware of the possibility of the search is to be onto something. Not to be onto something is to be in despair.” In another life, I was a journalist for the better part of 25 years: arts editor, writer, columnist and critic at various newspapers in the States and Europe. Of the arts, my great love is the indigenous African-American art form casually known as jazz. I hope someday to live up to what the irrepressible drummer Elvin Jones once told me that his brother, the trumpeter Thad Jones, told him: “Play your instrument as if it were the last 10 minutes of your life.”

  • Kimberly Rolfe

    Kimberly Rolfe

    Director for Career Development


    Hello. As the Director for Career Development, I oversee projects and resources to help students explore, prepare for and pursue the breadth and depth of professional realms available to them after Whitman. I joined the Career and Community Engagement Center in the summer of 2013 after spending 20-ish years in a variety of sales, marketing, and management roles in the apparel industry. Having the opportunity to utilize what I learned over the course of my career as we create a holistic and relevant set of programs and tools to support student career readiness has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I love being a part of the Whitman and Walla Walla communities, which are so interconnected and mutually beneficial. Whether I’m serving on the board of a local non-profit, learning at one of the many community events hosted by our three local colleges, or running into friends and colleagues on trails and ski slopes in the Blues, I am continually struck by the numerous ways that Whitman and its students make a significant impact on our region. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about how we support student learning at Whitman.

  • Lindsay Szramek

    Lindsay Szramek

    Career Development Specialist


    Hello, in 2021 I was brought into the Career and Community Engagement Center as a point person for students looking to go into STEM careers.  My background is in the Geosciences, where I have taught at a number of institutions of higher learning, including Whitman.  I have always enjoyed the interaction with students and helping them think about what comes after college.  I am excited to develop programs and work with students, both STEM and non-STEM, to help make the transition to life after Whitman easier.  A bit about me is that while I grew up in Oregon I left for college and spent 20+ years outside the PNW in Maine, Alaska, Texas, Wisconsin, and Tennessee.  My dogs and I are excited to be back so they can get more treats and visits from their grandparents.  When not at work or obeying three bossy dogs, I like to spend time outside, collect rocks, collect fabric, and sew things.  So if you are curious about what you could do in STEM or just want to talk about rocks feel free to contact me!

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  • Marisol Becerra

    Marisol Becerra

    Administrative Assistant for the Career and Community Engagement Center


    Hello, as the Administrative Assistant for the Career and Community Engagement Center, I enjoy talking to students, parents, and visitors. I am the first point of contact. I provide administrative assistance and clerical support to the center, handle reimbursements and accounts payable; and, I supervise office student workers, and oversee all student payroll for the Center. My work also includes assistance with the implementation of all programs and events alongside the Center budget management and Internship Endowments. My expertise outside of the Center is in the realm of entrepreneurship. I grew up in the Walla Walla Valley and joined Whitman College in 2012. I love to get involved in the community as much as possible. One fun fact about me is that I love Amusement Parks, especially roller coasters, the higher and faster, the better!

  • Megan Cooke '19

    Megan Cooke '19

    Marketing Fellow


    Hello! I started my time as the Marketing Fellow just after I graduated from Whitman in 2019 with a degree in geology and environmental studies. As the Marketing Fellow, I oversee student event/programming marketing, community partner communication, and also increase the visibility of the Career and Community Engagement Center across campus using virtual and physical channels. (Follow us on Instagram & Facebook!) The Center works to intertwine and upgrade professional development with community presence and create a new facet to the Whitman Experience, my role in the Center is to promote awareness of the expansive impact our programming and resources has on- and off-campus so that all Whitties are able to be involved, engaged students within the Whitman community, Walla Walla community, and beyond. During my time as a student at Whitman, I held four different jobs. I worked with the sustainability office, Harper Joy Theatre, the BFFC, and the geology department. While working for the geology department as a student research assistant, I was able to travel to the Aleutian Islands to study the human resilience of Islands of Four Mountains, a collection of four volcanic islands, by analyzing flakes of rock from tool manufacture found in the soil layers of archeological sites!

  • Mitzy Rodriguez Camiro

    Mitzy Rodriguez Camiro

    Assistant Director for Internship Programs


    Hola! After spending a few years as an advisor and working in student retention efforts at a different institution, I wanted to put my energy towards supporting students’ preparation for and exploration of their futures. I joined the Whitman community and Career and Community Engagement Center team in 2019. As the individual who oversees the Whitman Internship Grant and Community Fellow programs, I feel so fortunate to witness the amazing work Whitties do beyond the college campus. I find myself inspired by the creativity, determination, and passion of our students! Here are some neat projects students have been a part of. I love helping students look for and pursue experiential learning opportunities (locally, nationally, and even internationally!) that align with their academic and professional goals. My co-curricular experiences added a lot of value and meaning to my academic journey, so I look forward to sharing that with students. Outside of my professional role, I really enjoy spending time with my family and dogs, finding new trails, trying new foods and bustin’ out the dance moves.

  • Nikki Brueggeman

    Nikki Brueggeman

    Assistant Director for Career Readiness & Employer Engagement


    My role in the Career and Community Engagement Center focuses on supporting students as they prepare for life after Whitman by bringing recruiters to campus, organizing information sessions & workshops, and, my favorite part, connecting with students and empowering them in the process of identifying future opportunities. Whether it is fine tuning a resume or discussing how to enter a career, I am always excited to support students’ goals and dreams. Before Whitman, I worked in the nonprofit, international relations, and education sectors. One of my favorite parts of my work has been the focus on community relations, building spaces of conversation and thought. A couple fun facts about me? Walla Walla is my hometown and I am a proud WSU Coug alumna!

  • Noah Leavitt

    Noah Leavitt

    Director of the Career and Community Engagement Center


    I am in my 16th year at Whitman, which includes six years as a faculty member (Sociology and General Studies) and a decade in the Career and Community Engagement Center. I also served as one of the college's pre-law advisers. Every day I come to work and am fortunate to fill my hours helping students who want to make a positive difference in our complex messy world pursue those aspirations. I can’t imagine a greater source of professional satisfaction than that. As a liberal arts graduate (Philosophy major) I have been able to create and enjoy a journey that has allowed me to make contributions in numerous realms including community organizing, program management, policy advocacy, lawyering, and teaching. Perhaps my most influential job was as a VISTA volunteer in the small coal town of Harlan, Kentucky the year after college, an experience which I think about nearly every day, three decades later. My wife, Associate Dean for Faculty Development, Professor Helen Kim, and I have a son, Ari, and a daughter, Talia, who enjoy their own student lives in our excellent local public school system and who keep us on our toes 24/7!

  • Shelly Rasmussen

    Shelly Rasmussen

    Community Consulting Specialist


    Hello! I joined the Career and Community Engagement Center staff in 2019 after a 15 year career in Nonprofit Management. It is that experience which has guided me as I direct the Whitman Student Consulting Corps. The WSCC works with nonprofits in the Walla Walla Valley to provide administrative consulting free of charge. I am enthused by the students’ sincere commitment to understanding the nonprofit sector in our area and also training to be effective facilitators and consultants. It is this enthusiasm that is one of the highlights of my work at Whitman. My career began in Higher Education Administration and has made its way through a variety of positions including teaching, grant writing, business administration, and nonprofit arts consulting. All of these experiences have helped affirm the desire to connect with my community, wherever that may be. Since relocating to Walla Walla from northeast Ohio, I have enjoyed the connections I am making with the residents of this unique and diverse community, and am thrilled to be making those connections alongside Whitman students. Please contact me to learn more about the work of the WSCC or nonprofit efforts in our area.

  • Susan Prudente

    Susan Prudente

    Assistant Director for Community Engagement


    In 2012, I was invited to co-lead Whitman’s Community Engagement programs and have valued this role as it allows me to encourage students to become connected to their new home in meaningful, reciprocal ways through volunteerism, leadership and co-curricular experiences.  I am inspired by Whitties and it is a gift to mentor and advise them as they test their interests and passions whether it be in the K-12 public school system or working closely with a local non-profit on an issue they care about.  As a Speech Communications major from University of Washington ‘90, I have gratitude for the personal and professional journey I’ve been on that has always been centered on relationships, collaboration and working toward the greater good whether it was in international relief and development with World Vision, early literacy infrastructure with the Early Learning Coalition, the historic passing of the Walla Walla School District Bond in 2018 or the shared management of Whitman College’s community engagement portfolio.  My WHY each day are my 3 children - Peyton, Peter and Paige who motivate me to get up and use my time and talents to bring positivity, hope, and light to those in my path.  “There is always light if we’re only brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it.”  -  Amanda Gorman

  • Victoria Wolff '12

    Victoria Wolff '12

    Assistant Director for Career Education


    I have been working in higher education for close to 15 years, always with a focus on student learning. My background is in education and teaching and I am passionate about coaching students and advising them on their academic and professional paths. I enjoy creating meaningful, educational experiences for students both in-and-outside of the classroom. In the Career and Community Engagement Center, I oversee all aspects of Career Education from one-on-one appointments with students, to leading workshops for student groups, and presenting in the classroom. As part of my role, I also manage the Student Career Advisor program which provides peer-to-peer career education. A little bit about myself: I grew up in Berlin, Germany, and also went to college there. I received a B.A. in English, History and Education from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin as well as a M.Ed. with a focus on English and History. Fun Fact: During the 2010-11 academic year I came to Whitman to teach in the German department and lived in Das Deutsche Haus.