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Nadine Stecklein

Nadine Stecklein


Assistant Director for Internship Programs | Career Coach

I'm fairly new to Whitman College, but not to Walla Walla and higher education. I have worked in the public sector for my entire professional career. I love seeing students take the step to get involved and to connect with experiential learning, opening their world to experience new and exciting things!

I benefited from having several internship opportunities as a student myself, where I learned what I enjoyed doing and also what I did not like to do!

My idea of a perfect day includes boba tea, a good book to read, and a little sunshine. I grew up in Los Angeles, moving to Walla Walla in 2018. I've worked in higher education for over nine years now, and I have enjoyed seeing students grow both inside and outside of the classroom. Outside of the Career and Community Engagement Center, I enjoy volunteering in my community and hanging out with my energetic dog, Lou.

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