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Jenny Stratton

Jenny Stratton


Administrative Assistant for Fellowships and Grants

College is a time for hunting out one's niches - at least, that's this biologist's way of thinking.  And the result may surprise you: in this day and age, a "career" isn't one lifelong thing that you need to discover, but rather, a series of perhaps-related niches that you'll find and fill over time, bringing a growing expertise with you.  

After getting my M.S. in Plant Biology and working in herbaria across the country for nine years, I joined the Whitman staff in 2018 as Administrative Assistant for Fellowships and Grants (F&G).  These days, when I'm not working with dried plants in the Hall of Science, I'm helping guide students as they apply for nationally and globally competitive fellowship opportunities. Back when I was an introverted undergraduate who hadn't yet left her hometown, I would never have imagined myself ending up here one day!  But every paper I wrote, class I took, and person I learned from over the years brought me one step closer to being ready - and actually excited - about stepping out of my comfort zone and filling this unique niche, this need in the community, when it arose.  I'm still on the lookout for those niches!

I use my strong background in data management and scientific writing to closely proofread drafts and help make sure that every deadline is met.  I love watching students grow during the experience of applying for an opportunity; whether they become a recipient or not, everyone who spends the time to think deeply through their personal statement and project proposal comes out the other side with a new and meaningful view of themselves and their unique place in the world.

I especially love to help with the little things around the Center, so if you have some random need, F&G-related or not, if you're confused about where to find an answer or how to connect with anyone in the Career and Community Engagement Center for an appointment, just email me - random messages make my day!

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