Carlson Jones ’21, Participates in a Water Quality Monitoring Project With Kooskooskie Commons in Walla Walla, WA

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Joy Nina Nampaso ’23, Learns How to Take and Record Vital Signs with Karen Hospital in Kenya

Natalie Hodis ’21, Develops Lessons Plans for the Recovery Education Class, Recovery and Me, With Trilogy Recovery Community in Walla Walla, WA

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Brian Warinner ’23, Combats the Invasive Species, Water Hyacinth, with Ecologists Without Borders in Lake Victoria

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What is the Whitman Internship Grant?

The Whitman Internship Grant (WIG) is a competitive grant that provides funding to students who secure or build an unpaid internship opportunity at non-profit organizations, some for-profit organizations, and government offices. A Whitman Internship Grant may be provided for a semester, academic year, or domestic/international summer experience. 

If you are interested in posting an unpaid internship opportunity to hire a student, visit our  Hire a Whittie page. 

Student Eligibility Requirements 

Any Whitman student who is eligible to work in the U.S. and is currently enrolled as a full time student may apply. International students who are a permanent resident or who has received OPT/CPT authorization may apply. For questions about OPT or CPT contact Greg Lecki. Students who have never applied for or received grant funding are strongly encouraged to apply. Students may be eligible to apply for and receive up to 3 terms of funding (includes receiving a Summer WIG). 

Internship Eligibility Requirements 

For an internship to be eligible for funding, it must abide by the the Fair Labor Standards Act. It is the applicant's responsibility to confirm that their unpaid internship meets the legal criteria. Internships cannot/must not be used to receive academic credit. It must be high-impact and be relevant to your educational goal and/or career interests. The internship also can't take place at Whitman College or involve religious work and must last the duration of the grant timeframe applicant's are pursuing (year-long, semester, or summer). 

To find current opportunities, browse the listing of WIG eligible internships on Handshake

The Spring 2022 Whitman Internship Grant application is now closed. Stay tuned for Summer application release in February! 

The Spring 2022 Whitman Internship Grant application cycle is now closed. Stay tuned for the Summer application release dates! 

If you have any questions on how to prepare for a WIG, email our office at 

Applications for Summer 2022 Whitman Internship Grants are not yet available. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the WIG program, send an email to

Summer applications are slated to be released and available on February 9th, 2022. 

This cycle of International Summer 2022 Whitman Internship Grant application has not yet begun. If you are interesed in talking more about how to pursue an international WIG, send an email to

The International WIG program targets older students with demonstrated experience or existing relationships with organizations or individuals outside of the United States. Whitman students' safety and security are of foremost importance, and the application process is designed to minimize foreseeable risks associated with the internship. Internships are more likely to be successful if the organizations, businesses or government agencies chosen:

  1. Are established and financially secure and have websites that instill confidence in the reader, AND
  2. Have a connection to Whitman (via a member of Governing Board, staff, or faculty, or alumni or parent)

Linda King Brewer Internship Endowment

The Linda King Brewer Internship Endowment provided grant funding for unpaid internships relating to students' studies or future career plans. The Student Engagement Center selects the recipients for this endowment as a part of the Whitman Internship Grant program. 

First Generation Internship & Career Endowment 

The First Generation Internship and Career Opportunity Endowment provides funding for students to participate in summer internships, with a preference given to the fields of finance, investment management, or law. The awarded amount may include funding to cover additional expenses such as travel, housing, and business attire. The Student Engagement Center selects the recipients for this endowment as a part of the Whitman Internship Grant program. Open only to first-generation students entering their third or fourth year. 

Questions? Contact:

Mitzy Rodriguez, Assistant Director for Internship Programs

Reid 219