What is the schedule for the day?

Each group will start with rapid COVID-19 testing at an assigned time, sometime between 8:30-9:30 a.m. Test results will be available in approximately 15 minutes.

Once negative test results are confirmed, your group will start the program, which includes:

  • A student-led campus tour.
  • An overview of residence halls led by a Resident Assistant.
  • Brunch from Cleveland Commons (our treat!).
  • A Whitman experience led by a professor, staff member or student group.

The day’s programming will conclude by 2 p.m.

How do I register for an Admitted Student Saturday?

See our registration form to find available events. On the calendar form, Saturdays are available indicated by the green square. When you select the square an “Admitted Student Saturday” link will appear below the calendar. Follow that link and the instructions to register. Each student will be allowed one guest.

Note: This is where you’ll be able to see the different options for start times and afternoon activities.

How do I know what activities are available on a specific weekend?

Each weekend offers a different range of activities. To see which specific options are available on a particular day, you’ll need to enter that day’s registration page. You can always go back to check out the options on another day.

How do the groups work?

We’ll be hosting small groups each Saturday. The only difference between groups is the start time and the afternoon activity—you’ll see the available options when you register. Each group will be hosted by a current Whitman student who will lead your campus tour, help you navigate from place to place and answer any questions you have.

What kinds of activities are available in the afternoon?

We have some pretty great options lined up, and they’re different every week. For instance, you might choose from:

  • Mock classes with Whitman professors from a variety of majors.
  • Whitties Around the World: Learning about Off-Campus Studies.
  • Outdoor Program experiences, such as Disc Golf, GeoCaching or a Big Tree Walk.

Will I be able to go inside buildings on Whitman’s campus during my visit?

In order to maintain a safe and healthy campus, Whitman currently allows only limited access to most campus buildings. Visitors on Admitted Student Saturdays will be able to see a few indoor spaces.

For example, you’ll be able to enter one of our on-campus interest houses that is currently vacant and where a room is staged to show how a double room in a residence hall might look. You’ll also be able to enter Cleveland Commons, Whitman’s amazing dining hall, for a grab-and-go brunch (with outdoor seating). And some afternoon activities may take place in indoor spaces that allow for social distancing.

Since most of the day will take place outdoors, check the weather and be sure to dress accordingly!

What COVID-19 safety precautions are in place?

All members of the Whitman community and campus visitors are expected to wear face coverings and maintain social distancing while in public. Whitman also conducts regular surveillance testing of students, faculty and staff. Whitman’s COVID-19 Dashboard is a great resource, featuring up-to-date data regarding COVID-19 cases on campus, as well as details regarding Whitman’s community safety standards and links to county and state data and resources. 

To help keep the community safe, we recommend all visitors get a COVID-19 test prior to traveling to Whitman’s campus. All Admitted Student Saturday visitors will also have a rapid COVID-19 test at the start of the day. Visitors will only be able to continue with the Admitted Student Saturday program if they receive a negative test result. 

Why should I get tested before I travel?

Testing before travel is recommended by the CDC in general. Whitman is urging testing prior to Admitted Student Saturdays specifically as a way to minimize the chances that you receive a positive test result when you arrive on campus. We really want you to be able to experience our program, and we know how disappointing it would be if you took the time to travel to Walla Walla and then weren’t able to continue with your on-campus visit. In addition, a positive result once you arrive may also complicate your trip back home.

What type of COVID-19 test will I have upon arrival?

You will take a rapid antigen test. The test is self-administered via nasal swab. Results will be available in about 15 minutes.

Note: We’re currently consulting with health care authorities to address special situations regarding testing. Please email any specific questions or concerns to admission@whitman.edu.

What happens if I test positive during the rapid test? Will I be able to travel back home?

If you received a positive result, you will not be able to continue with the visit as planned. We will work with you to identify resources to support you. Also, please note that Whitman is required to report any positive test results to Walla Walla County Health Department. Individuals with a positive result will be contacted by the Health Department from their home county or state.

Domestic air travel is determined by states. We encourage anyone from outside Washington state to check testing or quarantine requirements in their state. Anyone who is positive for COVID-19 should not travel by air.

How do I travel to Walla Walla? Where should I stay?

Walla Walla has an airport with multiple flights to and from Seattle daily, and nearby Pasco has additional flight options. We are also fortunate to have multiple hotels, motels, vacation rentals, and bed and breakfasts within walking distance of Whitman’s campus. Find more resources to help you plan your trip.

Can you recommend some places to eat?

Walla Walla has an impressive culinary scene, with quality coffee shops, sandwich shops, casual dining and fine dining options. Explore local dining options, and be sure to ask the students you meet on campus for their recommendations! Dining options will be dependent on current COVID-19 restrictions and safety protocols.

What if I can’t visit on a Saturday? What if I prefer not to be in a group with other admitted students and their guests?

Whitman offers individual campus visits Sunday-Friday. These visits include a personal campus tour with a current student and a meeting with a member of our Admission team, who can answer any questions you have about attending Whitman. See other options for visiting Whitman.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Send an email to admission@whitman.edu or call 509-527-5176.