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Student Research and Internships

Research for the required Senior Thesis can take many forms. Some students work with Whitman faculty on or off campus, often during the summer after their junior year. Others find qualifying projects while studying abroad during their junior year. Many students conduct research over the summer, whether on or off campus, through internships, fellowships, or scholarships. [Note: the terms "fellowship" and "scholarship" refer to intellectually-engaging research programs and usually fit our major research requirement readily; however, "internship" refers to pre-career training, and so must include original research with intellectual engagement of the intern in order for it to qualify for our requirement.]


  1. The National Science Foundation REU fellowships/internships program
  2. General advice on getting internships (note: by a commercial site, and not science-specific).
  3. Whitman's Louis B. Perry Research Scholarship: designed for a faculty-student team doing collaborative summer research.
  4. The Summer Whitman Internship Grant (WIG) provides funding for students to participate in unpaid summer internship experiences to which they have already been accepted. Internships must be relevant to the applicant's educational goals and career interests; these do not automatically fit our research requirement, but often they do.
  5. List of Biomedical Research Internships compiled by the Fred Hutchison Cancer Center.


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