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Paul Yancey and StudentWhitman’s rigorous curriculum is designed to develop a solid and well-rounded foundation in biology with up-to-date and integrated coursework covering the major areas of biology, from the molecular to the ecological.  Because science is a process, not a body of knowledge, we require completion of original research and an associated senior thesis. Through this process students gain essential skills in enquiry, study design, data gathering, data analysis, interpretation of results, scientific writing, and oral communication.

Students examining treeIn addition, biology majors enjoy access to a wide variety of collaborative research experiences; cutting-edge technologies and facilities; and a highly-accomplished, research-active faculty who are passionate about mentoring students.

Our students leave Whitman fully prepared to enter any biologically-related graduate program, medicine and other related health fields, laboratory and administrative positions at biotechnology companies, business and law schools, environmental work, and teaching.  Just as important, they are prepared to enter the world as scientifically literate thinkers.

In addition to our comprehensive Biology degree, we also offer combined degrees in other Life Science areas:

See Policies and Requirements for major requirements.

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