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Advanced Placement

If you have completed the College Board Advanced Placement Exam with a score of 5 you will receive credit for Biology 111 and may skip the course. If you decide to take Biology 111 with AP credit on record, you will lose the AP credit. The College does not accept or award credits for the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) general or subject examinations.

balsamrootStudents often asked whether they should take Biology 111 even thought they may have AP biology credit. We find mixed responses from students. Biology 111 often bores some students with AP credit since they already know the material. Others, who take Biology 111 when they have AP credit, remark that they appreciate repeating the material since it provides a good review for advanced biology courses. It depends on how well you retain the material from your high school AP biology course and how anxious you are to get into upper level biology courses. 

Finally, others report that they learn new things not covered in high school, AND they feel better prepared for upper-level courses in our department. You need to think carefully about this matter. If you have questions you should see the department Chair.

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